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    Pool Landscaping Inspiration: Wufengchi Waterfall

    The Wufengcho, or “Five Mountain Flags” Waterfall is a famous scenic spot in Taiwan. It was named after the five mountains that can be seen behind it, and it’s located in the Jiaosi region. The Wufengcho waterfall has multiple, overlapping sheets of falling water and a lush, green backdrop. It really is a unique, wild and beautiful place and it’s got a look that you can tap into in several ways when you design your pool and the landscaping around it.


    The Layering

    When you look at a photo of the Wufengcho Waterfall, the pure beauty of the spot is riveting, but if you begin to break the appearance of this gorgeous waterfall into its components, the layering of the sheets of water is the first thing you notice. The main height of the Wufengcho consists of a long, thin stream of water from high up over a shorter, broader stream of water. This is a look that you can recreate in a waterfall pool feature by installing a standard water feature at the pool’s edge and directing another stream of water from a landscape feature above the pool to a spot slightly in front of it.

    The Backdrop

    The two-layered waterfall you create that way can easily be made to resemble the Wufengcho in another sense, as well. It can mimic the waterfall’s impressive backdrop, which consists of stratified stone in the lower part of the falls and moss and greenery above. The side of the pool, which will form the visual background for the lower water feature, will be simple, like the stone behind the Wufengcho’s lower falls. Perhaps the lower water feature can even emerge from a low stone wall next to the pool. Then, a higher landscaped wall can rise above it, perhaps with a green tile pattern on the side, decorated with ferns and other plants that love to grow horizontally. The lip of the upper waterfall can add a second stream of falling water in front of the lower falls. Obviously, this idea needs a good landscape designer to work out the details, but it’s got potential!


    The Park Architecture

    The Wufengcho is located in Taiwan, and the park around it, including the observation deck and the adjacent wooden canopy, are designed in traditional Chinese style. The strong, curved lines of the canopy roof and the ornate carved decoration in the rails around the support posts are both striking. Opting for a Chinese-style or Chinese inspired canopy or cabana is one way to bring this beautiful architectural style into your garden. You could also integrate old-fashioned Chinese style statuary or an outdoor cooking area that takes its inspiration from traditional Chinese design into your garden.

    We haven’t seen a pool with a water feature based on the Wufengcho yet, but we’re ready to help build one. This waterfall would make a fantastic inspiration for a pool and landscape design, especially in a garden that has a natural slope. Why not take inspiration from nature’s most magnificent creations?


    Tips For Choosing an Aqualux Pool Interior

    If you’ve been thinking about buying an Albatross pool, have you considered which Aqualux pool colour to choose? Our strong, durable, long lasting Aqualux interior is available in a variety of colours and patterns, and they can make a huge difference in the appearance of your pool. The right colour can even provide you with some free pool heating! Our Aqualux options are on our Pool Colours page, but before you take a look at the range available, be sure to keep in mind some of the very important points below.

    Swimming Pool Colours

    Remember, the Water Will Affect the Colour

    Water itself is clear or close to it, but it filters light in a way that adds a blue tint. Even a pool with a white interior will look blue, and the more water the light has to pass through before it reaches your eyes, the bluer it will look. Lighter coloured pools will always look bluer in deeper areas. Pools with darker interiors will look flatter; the colour will be similar regardless of the depth. If being able to see the pool depth is a valuable safety feature for you, then you might consider opting for a lighter Aqualux option.

    Remember, Darker = Warmer

    Darker pool interiors absorb light and heat, and they can make your pool several degrees warmer on sunny days. If you live in an area where pool heating is always a boon, then a darker Aqualux colour is a good choice. If it gets so hot out that pool water can sometimes become uncomfortably warm, then opt for a light-coloured Aqualux option to help keep the water cooler.

    How Do You Want the Pool To Look?

    Aside from the concern of pool temperature, it all comes down to appearance. You might prefer a light coloured pool interior to harmonise with a light, cool decorating and landscaping theme or a darker colour for a dramatic, flat, modern look. Patterns that look a bit artificial on samples look fantastic underwater, adding richness to your pool’s appearance. There’s no doubt that pairing the right Aqualux colour with the right architecture and landscaping can make a real visual impact.

    Explore Our Gallery

    If you'd like to see pools with the various Aqualux colours and designs in person, then just pay a visit to one of our pool display centres. If you'd like to see a few pictures to give you an idea of what the Aqualux interior looks like in a number of different settings and landscapes, then take a moment to browse through our Gallery. We identify the featured Aqualux interior in each of our gallery pools. Just click on the photo to access a short article and information on the featured pool at the bottom of the page. Remember that the appearance of the pools in the pictures is affected by the time of day, direction of light and size of the pool, and that the appearance of the colours in the photos is affected by the camera, the photo editing software and your computer's settings. Actual installations will not necessarily look just like the pictures, but they should at least give you an idea of what to expect.

    Whichever option you choose, you’ll know that you’re getting a high quality, extremely durable pool interior similar to what is used in the world’s biggest pool: the San Alfonso del Mar Crystal Lagoon. Aqualux is supported by a ten year warranty however, the majority of our clients achieve between 15-25 years from their Aqualux interior. Find out more on our Pool Interiors page.

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