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    Heating Your Pool

    Heating your pool not only makes it more enjoyable but also has therapeutic benefits and extends the swimming season. As a pool owner you have three options for heating your pool: solar, gas, or electric heat pumps.

    Heating Your Pool
    Heating Your Pool


    Heating your pool with solar energy is cost competitive with both gas and electric heat pumps, and in many climates it is the most cost effective option. It has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

    With a solar heating system water is run through a filter, then the solar collector, and finally into the pool. Although some pool builders use the pool’s filtration system to run the solar heating system, Albatross Pools prefers a completely independent system to ensure heating and operating efficiency - there is a greater cost upfront but it surely pays off!

    Consider how you will use your pool. If you will only swim during parts of the spring and autumn but all of the summer, then solar is a good choice. With proper maintenance, you can expect 10 plus years from your solar heating system.


    Gas is one of the most popular ways to heat a pool. It is the ideal heating system for pools that need to be heated quickly and that are not used on a regular basis. Unlike an electric heat pump or solar heater, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate. Many pool owners use a gas heater as a back up to another heating system.

    With a gas heater, pool water runs through a filter and then the heater; gas burns in the heater's combustion chamber thereby generating the heat that transfers to the water that goes in the pool.

    The cost of natural gas or propane is a big consideration when choosing a gas heater, however newer gas heaters are more fuel efficient than older models. Properly maintained, a gas heater should last five or more years.

    Additionally, a gas booster heater is a good option to supplement your solar heater because it ensures you can swim during cooler spring and autumn weather. If you want to swim all year round, then consider a solar system for the warmer summer months and a gas system for winter.

    Electric heat pumps

    Electric heat pumps are best for extended use. An electric heat pump does not generate its own heat but rather captures heat and moves it from one place to another. Heat pumps operate most efficiently when the outside ambient air temperature is 7.2-10 degrees, because the cooler the outside air, the more energy they use to heat it.

    The pool's water is run through a filter and then the heat pump.

    An electric heat pump will initially cost more than a gas heater, but its annual operating cost are typically less, thereby offering greater savings. Electric heat pumps generate a similar noise to an air conditioner and this should be considered when deciding on the best heating solution for your dream pool.

    A heat pump is not as costly as some assume and is a good option if you want to swim from September through May.

    At Albatross Pools, we can help you determine which heating system is best for your individual pool and unique environment.

    No matter which heating system you choose, a pool cover is beneficial because it traps the heat at night. Heating a pool without a cover is like heating a house without a roof.


    Inspiration: Gunlom Plunge Pool, Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia

    When searching for inspiration for your own pool project it is quite easy to roll from one suburban pool design idea to the next. Sometimes though, it can be to your benefit to broaden your horizons and take inspiration from the mother of all inspiration; Mother Nature. Let’s face it, many of man’s greatest designs have been inspired by nature and basing your pool design around some of the great natural pools of the world can only be a good thing.

    Nature’s Designs

    One of the great natural pools on the planet is the Gunlom Plunge Pool in Jabiru, Northern Territory. This hidden gem is located on Waterfall Creek in the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. Waterfall Creek is a major tributary of the Upper South Alligator River and is the only large tropical river system in the world to be entirely protected within a national park.

    Gunlom Plunge Pool
    Gunlom Plunge Pool

    The View

    Gunlom is a sight to behold, offering a magical combination of serene plunge pool and seasonal waterfall. Shady gums offer respite from the heat above the picnic areas. The view from the top of Gunlom is truly breathtaking, with many visitors describing it as ‘the ultimate infinity pool’. Sweeping vistas offer you the choice of three habitats of the southern hills and ridges of the park – stone country, woodland and riverine areas. If you are not inclined to make the short, but steep trek to the top of Gunlom you could always enjoy the leisurely stroll along the walking track to the main pool below the magnificent waterfall. The plunge pool is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing dip after walking in the heat and it also has the added bonus of being crocodile-free as they cannot climb that high! (Although to be on the safe side I’d recommend observing all posted signs and asking local rangers for advice.) Australian Traveller voted Gunlom’s pools within Australia’s Top 100 best views and Hooroo recently voted Gunlom as a finalist in the category of ‘Australia’s Top Secret Spots’.

    Gunlom Waterfall
    Gunlom Waterfall

    How Gunlom Plunge Pool can inspire your pool design

    Like any great natural design there are always elements of it that you can utilize in a domestic pool setting. Gunlom plunge pool is a perfect design if you have a tiered or sloping block. Imagine an upper level plunge pool accessible by a landscaped bush path where you can have a leisurely drink under the shade of palm trees. Here you can stare out over your property at the sculpted waterfall that gently splashes into the swimming lagoon below. The team at Albatross can help advise you on suitable landscaping to really bring the natural feel of a magical place like Gunlom to your home. Correct placement of natural stone and lush greenery will emphasise the isolated pool setting and make you a holiday escape metres from your home. If you are inspired to design a natural pool setting at your property, or just want to get some free advice, feel free to call the team here at Albatross Pools. Why not check out our previous blog posts on natural pool design inspiration such as Wufengchi Waterfall, Aruba’s Natural Pool, Malta’s Blue Lagoon and the Lava Pool in Madeira, Portugal. For ideas a little closer to home, check out our pool gallery!


    Have You Taken A Look At Our Warranty?

    When completing your due diligence in the planning stage of your new swimming pool you should enquire about the warranty conditions attached to your potential new investment. Many perspective pool clients are happy to hear the warranty numbers that are banded about by many pool companies, “Ten years! Twenty years! One hundred years!” From here many clients smile, happy in the knowledge that the figure they’ve heard is satisfactory, and move on to the design phase. But wait! A swimming pool is a major investment, with a high-end pool costing the same as a family car, so why would you be happy to hear a salesman’s warranty figure and not investigate what that figure includes?

    A long warranty is a double-edged sword. More often than not, as is with the case at Albatross Pools, it is a sign of confidence in our manufacturing and construction methods. But a fantastic warranty period on paper isn’t worth the ink it is written with if the installer isn’t around to honour it. At Albatross Pools we have been a family run business since 1969 and have proudly constructed over 15,000 pools. Over 70% of our work is through referrals, which means we’ve learned a thing or two about our clients’ needs and delivering quality products. Albatross Pools have stood the test of time and you can be rest assured a warranty issued today will be honoured long into the future.

    Pool Warranty
    Pool Warranty

    The Albatross Advantage

    At Albatross we’re serious about pools. As a founding member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) of Victoria we strive to maintain and improve the quality of our pools every time we build. We are a Registered Building Practitioner and therefore our knowledge and experience is backed by domestic building insurance. Each of our pools is constructed from the highest grade of zinc enriched steel that is pre-engineered to eliminate the risk of product and site variances. This assurance of quality is the reason we proudly offer a ten year structural warranty on all our swimming pools, longer than the legal requirement that is normally offered by concrete pool builders. A fibreglass pool, while traditionally robust, can conjure up a nightmare of a problem when the need arises for repairs. Fibreglass pools need to be drained before they can be repaired and draining a fibreglass pool can result in severe damage if done incorrectly. A fibreglass pool warranty is often a split warranty; that is half being covered by the manufacturer, and half by the installer. Twice the potential headaches when making a claim! At Albatross we prefer to streamline our processes to make your pool purchase stress free. Therefore we offer the one warranty as manufacturer and installer. All of our plumbing and pipework is covered by a two year warranty against faulty workmanship, and supplementary items such as pumps, filters, covers and sanitisers are covered by their applicable manufacturer’s warranties. Concrete pools are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty as they are built, and therefore you would be reliant on an experienced, trustworthy builder to honour any such warranty claim.

    At Albatross we finish all of our pools in the Aqualux membrane. This extremely tough membrane is the equivalent to fifteen layers of pool paint and can stretch over 200% before breaking as opposed to competitor’s linings that can only stretch 4% on average. Once the waterproof membrane is vacuum sealed into the pool shell it results in a satin-smooth finish that won’t graze skin or crack, peel and flake. The Aqualux interior is resistant to algae and will not affect your water chemistry like some fibreglass or rendered pool interiors. We offer an outstanding ten year warranty on the Aqualux pool interior which is superior to most other assumed ‘permanent’ interiors such as tiled (usually offered with a 2 year warranty) or rendered (which comes with a 5-8 year warranty depending on brand). The Aqualux pool interior is the only interior specifically engineered as an actual ‘pool interior’ – fibreglass and concrete pool interiors are not and are simply modified versions of various surfaces available in the marketplace.

    We also offer a 7 day customer service solution for all new pool owners. Just pop into one of our display centres to receive anything from free advice from our knowledgeable staff to complimentary water testing. We even have mobile workshops that can come to you!

    Dive In With Confidence

    So kick-start your dream swimming pool with the confidence that only a trusted brand like Albatross can offer. With cutting-edge, cost-effective manufacturing and construction processes that deliver outstanding results in both quality and longevity backed by industry leading warranties from a family pool company that has been around for over 40 years, Albatross is a name you can truly trust.

    So if you’re ready to take the plunge on your new pool project, why not visit one of our display centres today, or contact us for an obligation free consultation.

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