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    The Robot Revolution

    They’re taking pool cleaning to a whole new level of efficiency. The K-Bot-RX-Robotic Pool Cleaner is changing the way pools are cleaned, big time. Big on innovation and technology, they’re fully automatic, fast and powerful. They leave no stone unturned in immaculately cleaning any pool. No matter what size or shape. When you see them in action, you’ll quickly agree that this is pool technology at it’s very finest.

    The beauty of the K-Bot-RX-Robotic Pool Cleaner is that it features high speed motors and an ultra fine filter vacuum that scrub and brush debris away without placing any load on your pump and filter system. The advanced technology of the K-Bot-RX really comes to the fore with its incredibly precise Autoscan system that delivers automatic and total cleaning efficiency, time and time again. No matter the pool size, it detects and picks up any debris. In less than three hours, your pool will end up absolutely spotless.

    Pool Design Robot Cleaner
    Pool Design Robot Cleaner

    Another great feature of K-Bot-RX Pool Cleaner is the smart swivel. What it does is it simply stops the cable from tangling. When you want to get the K-Bot-RX rolling, all you have to do is plug it in. It’s that easy. It’s safe, economical digital switch mode power supply is less than 30 volts DC. And when the automatic timer’s done – in three hours or less, it will turn itself off. All you have to do then is to lift it out, empty the convenient filter bag or cartridge and stow it away until next time.

    There are many other fine features that make the K-Bot-RX Pool Cleaner a must for any pool. For a start, it’s environmentally friendly and reduces the need for chemical use, and it’s fully independent from the pool filter system. Its level of efficiency when it comes to scrubbing, cleaning and vacuuming is second to none.

    The K-Bot-RX Pool Cleaner also has some unique systems in place, like an obstacle escape system and a motor protection system. With its highly intelligent adjusting software and built in self diagnostics, it can provide greater manoeuvrability and precise water line cleaning (K-Bot-RX 2 & 3 only). There’s an optional multi grip for improved performance on slippery and fiberglass or tiled floors. And if you’re thinking that maintenance could be tricky and costly, forget it. No need for a maintenance guy to turn up to charge you for the effort. You can replace the brushes and roller yourself. The K-Bot–RX Robotic Pool Cleaner is really something else when you’re looking for the very best in pool cleaning.

    At Albatross Pools, we have a fantastic range of pool cleaners to suit any size pool. There are quality suction pool cleaners priced between $800 and $900. With the K-Bot-RX Robotic Cleaners, they’re priced from $1,200 to $2,800. So drop in and talk to our experienced team at Albatross Pools. We’d be only too happy to show you all the brilliant features of the K-Bot-RX range of Robotic Pool Cleaners. We’re sure you’ll be simply amazed at what they can do.


    Energy efficient equipment…is it worth the investment?

    Just think about this. If you have a swimming pool, your pool pump unit which is a combination of pump and electric motor, could be responsible for about 20-30% of your energy bill. This would make it without doubt, one of the single largest users of energy in your home.

    So how do you go about reducing that energy cost? It’s actually pretty easy. By simply making some smart purchasing decisions and following some helpful tips, in no time at all, you’ll reduce your pool energy costs and still enjoy all the great benefits.

    Pool Construction Energy Efficient
    Pool Construction Energy Efficient

    When you take a closer look, many high efficiency pool pumps operate at a number of pool settings. Your energy savings will be greatest when the pump is operating at it’s lowest setting – use a low speed setting for filtering and a higher speed if necessary for cleaning. It is important to ensure that the pump will work effectively with your filter pump and any other cleaning equipment of these settings. You may also need to adjust the times you operate the pump to ensure that you filter enough water each day.

    To help you minimise the energy use of your pool pump, the best thing is to choose the correct pump size which meets the requirements for your pool (and filter), as the larger the pump, the greater the maintenance and pumping costs (a larger pump isn’t always best). You should also consider using multi-speed and variable speed pumps. They run slower for filtering and use less energy, but can be sped up to run pool cleaning equipment, which uses more energy.

    If you have a multi-speed pump, take a close look at the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you run the pump at the lowest recommended speed, while meeting all health requirements. Obviously the more time you run the pump on the lower speed settings, the better your energy savings will be. Also, run your pump only when necessary. It’s usually enough to pump the entire volume of water through the filter once or twice a day.

    It’s a good idea to use a timer to effectively manage your pump’s running time. Check your plumbing. The most efficient pool plumbing usually has large diameter pipes with as few bends as possible. You should regularly clean your skimmer basket and pool filter, and be sure to keep your intake grates clear of debris. This will naturally reduce the load on your pool pump enabling it to work more efficiently and use less energy.

    High efficiency pumps will really pay off in the long run. At Albatross Pools, we can advise you on the right energy saving pool pump. A real favourite with customers at the moment is the Astral Pool Viron P320. If you’re looking to upgrade, then the Astral Pool Viron P600 is the perfect choice. So come and talk to us at Albatross Pools. We’ll take you through all the options and show you how you can dramatically reduce your energy bill by simply having the right pool pump working for you.


    Pool lighting

    Putting a whole new light on how to illuminate your pool.

    There are just so many creative options open to you when it comes to designing a pool. However while every swimming pool design differs from a geometric shape to an elaborate maze of lagoons and water features, the basic principles of lighting design remain the same.

    It’s important to get the spread of light, right. The Spa electrics range of LED lights are some of the most powerful and effective underwater lights on the market today. One LED light will illuminate a large area. But it is recommended that more lighting should be used due to the loss of light over a greater distance.

    The interior colour of a pool will have an equally dramatic effect on night time illumination. A general rule for this is the darker the interior colour of the pool, the more lights are needed to achieve the same result. A simple equation would be 1.5 lights should be installed in a dark pool for every 1 light for an equivalent light colour pool.

    Pool Design Lighting
    Pool Design Lighting

    Now let’s get down to shapes. In a smaller geometric shape pool with limited intrusions, a single light is sufficient. You should position the light at the end of the pool to illuminate length. It will provide a bright and even illumination. Wherever possible, it’s always recommended to position lights central, on each narrow end of the pool opposing each other. This provides the best possible spread of light and by facing each other, ensures any obtrusion within the pool that may cast a shadow, will be illuminated by the opposite light. When it comes to illuminating the width of the pool, lights can be placed in a row and spaced evenly across.

    What about illuminating steps, swim outs and ledges? Well, most pools have one or more of these. All are designed to increase pool safety and function. To assist in pool safety, it’s important to ensure that the safety features are illuminated at night while still providing even illumination throughout the entire pool. A general rule for illumination is to ensure that these lights are installed at a maximum depth of 300mm from the top of the pool, as steps and ledges are usually installed at a depth of 540mm. Mounting lights above the bench height ensures the area will be illuminated.

    With swim out and ledges in smaller pools, a single light will do the job. In mid size pools, place steps at the narrow end of the pool. For this type of pool, install lights on the wide wall, closest to your house. This will provide even illumination due to reflections and by installing the lights at a depth of approx. 300m; it will ensure the steps are adequately lit. If you’re illuminating ledges in pools over 10m, position the lights at a depth approx 300m. While it will generate a shadow, it will increase the safety of the pool at night.

    There so many creative possibilities with bringing your pool to life with special lighting. At Albatross Pools, we’ll provide you with some great ideas and tips on how to make it all happen. Just drop in and have a chat to any member of our team. We guarantee it will be time well spent.


    Don’t build before you ask

    Important questions to ask yourself as you prepare a pool project

    It’s such an exciting prospect. Having your very own pool as a great source of relaxation, a brilliant venue for entertaining and a fantastic asset that will without doubt increase the value of your home. So it’s important to get all the right information, right from the outset. There are lots of questions to ask and we’ll do our very best to provide you with some real answers.

    Swimming Pool Design
    Swimming Pool Design

    Whatever type of pool you ultimately choose, there are two main considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure the best quality pool by choosing only an established pool builder who is a long-standing member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). Secondly, be extremely thorough and conscientious in the maintenance of your pool –ANY pool will deteriorate over time if neglected.

    Fancy a concrete pool? Well correctly installed, the actual pool shell has a very long life. However the internal pool finish can have limitations and depending on the type chosen, can present maintenance problems. There are five main internal pool finishes to choose from. Epoxy and rubber painted, marble sheen/render, crushed quartz, fully tiled and pebble.

    Now let’s take a look at fiberglass/ceramic pools. The interior colour and finish of a fiberglass pool is known as the Gel Coat – this is in fact a thin layer of resin over the base layers of fiberglass materials. The quality of the pool shell is absolutely vital to a long and trouble free life. The complete factory build nature of fiberglass pools offers an excellent method of quality control. However, for your own protection, take not. Insist on sighting evidence of compliance of the set standards.

    Pre-engineered pools have a great history. Introduced into Australia fifty years ago, they have a proven performance under the widest variety of site conditions. Although for many years it’s been the stalwart of the domestic market, the pre-engineered concept is now widely accepted and used in commercial pool installations right across the world. When it comes to design, the pools are essentially a system of a concrete floor, sidewalls of a rigid material such as steel in a modular form and an interior finish of tough purpose designed Aqualux.

    During installation, the Aqualux interior is subjected to the effects of vacuum pumps that create a tight fitting skin with the pool shell, eliminating wrinkles. Aqualux itself is manufactured under strict factory quality controls and is thicker that the paint finishes of concrete pools, and the gel coat of fiberglass pools. In fact, Aqualux and other pvc membranes are the only type of pool interior specifically designed and engineered as a pool interior.

    There are many more questions to be answered on what pool would be right for you. The best place to find out more and see examples of what we’ve been talking about is a pool centre. If you pop on down to Albatross Pools, that’s exactly what you’ll find. A terrific display of pools and more importantly an incredibly experienced team on hand to give the right answer to any questions you might have.

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