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    How My Dream Pool Becomes a Reality

    You take one look out the back window of your home and there it is. A blank backyard. It’s hot and bound to get even hotter as summer rolls on. The kids are trying to cool down by simply spraying each other with a hose. Its kind of fun, but it won’t last long. That blank backyard is a blank canvas, crying out for something to happen.

    Landscaping springs to mind. What about a pergola at least to get some shade, or maybe an outdoor barbecue setup for some entertaining? But what would make everyone really happy is undoubtedly a pool.

    Pool Construction Reality
    Pool Construction Reality

    So plans are put in motion. The backyard is measured and the discussion begins on what size and shape pool would best suit and what is the cost involved. Naturally a good place to start is to get an idea of how it might come together and do some research by jumping on-line and selecting some gallery pictures. Then it’s family and friends for discussion time. How did they go about creating their pools, who did they contact, how long did it take from start to finish, what were the pitfalls, and ultimately what was the cost?

    So begins the sometimes-laborious task of contacting pool building companies for their input of quoting. At this point in time, it would be an excellent idea to be able visit a display centre to get a close up view of pools in settings, and to speak to someone with real experience on everything that’s involved in creating the perfect pool and surrounds. Unfortunately there aren’t too many display centres about anymore.

    Moving on in the process, there’s the site inspection. The pool builder visits the property and suggests sizes and shapes and takes you through all the options. It’s always a good idea to have some idea of what type of pool you’re after; otherwise you may become confused in the process with so many ideas thrown at you. Then there’s pricing which will certainly bring you down to earth rather quickly. You then compare quotes and size up the reputation of the builders, but wait a minute, there’s also the rest of the outdoor space to take into consideration: The landscaping and design of other structures to compliment the pool for one. Then it’s back to family and friends for further discussion and their thoughts. It can be quite a challenging and frustrating process to go through.

    Thankfully there is an easier way to go about it all. Simply come down to Albatross Pools. Our display centres have terrific examples of contemporary pools in settings that will help bring some of your pool ideas to fruition. Our experienced team can show you designs of all shapes and sizes, that will give you some great ideas about what style of pool would be perfect for your place. They will take you through detailed costings so you really know what you’re in for. They’ll even show how cost savings can be made. Plus, they can help you with inspiring landscaping ideas and tips that will bring your whole pool and entertainment area to life.

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