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    The Home Team pool install

    A lot of people think that putting a pool together is an incredibly arduous job. Well, think again. You can now build a pool in a very short space of time. That’s of course if you build it the Albatross way. We recently had the pleasure of being chosen to install a pool for the television series, ‘The Home Team’. This is how it went.

    The Home Team
    The Home Team

    Albatross pools are custom size, and can be any shape and any depth. It means quite simply that they come together so much quicker. That’s the beauty of a pre-fabricated pool. Now when you’re thinking about putting in a pool, think of your backyard like zones. Divide it up into three sections. You can give 30% of your space for the pool, 30% of space to the surrounding greenery to make it look the goods. The remaining 40% is left to the hard timber finishes, so you’ve got plenty of useable space for family and friends to enjoy.

    Let’s take a raised pool. Once the excavation has been made, Albatross Pools are the easiest inground pools to install. And hey, you don’t need a crane to do it. Albatross Pools have a flat pack system that can be carried down the side of the house, or even through the front door. Within 2 days, the structure can be bolted upright. The structuring is then finished by forming a structural beam around the pool and then the concrete floor is poured and the cosmetic finishes are added. You then add the PVC membrane. And you have a great range of colours to choose from. 14 in fact. If, due to site conditions, the pool needs to be raised slightly, we can engineer a partial raise of up to 700mm above ground level before an additional support is required in the form of a bond beam. This is the technique employed when constructing the showcase pool on ‘The Home Team’ project.

    Now you’re thinking how big is the membrane? It must be of giant proportions and you need a truck to deliver it and four men to carry it? Wrong. It actually comes in a small cardboard box. The floor is then cleaned and made ready. The PVC membrane is then stretched out and moulded to the shell perfectly. It’s then put under suction to take the air out of the membrane to ensure it moulds correctly. This tough and highly durable membrane is now ready for the pool water which will hold it in place. The only thing left for you to do is jump in and enjoy! So there. It’s done. The whole process has been so easy. No cranes. No heavy machinery. Everything has been brought down the side of the house or through the front door. What could be quicker or simpler?

    If you want to take a closer look at our terrific range and see how it all comes together, hop on down to Albatross Pools. Any member of our team will show you how easy it’s done.


    The Courtyard Around Your Pool Should Be a Special Invitation

    It’s such a welcoming sign and makes a real statement the moment anyone walks into the space. It’s a garden living area that comes closest to being another outdoor room. An elegant space that can provide either a great entertainment area or a real sense of privacy.

    Pool Design Courtyard
    Pool Design Courtyard

    If you have an existing space, there’s a lot you can do to create a special atmospheric mood around your pool. So when you are planning to add a courtyard, think about how it is orientated to the sun and how you will enter and exit from the house and the garden. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to use the space.

    When you are working out the type of paving you need make sure no matter the material used, that it drains away from the house. Also consider ways to provide a partial canopy by extending the rafters of the roof over the new courtyard.

    If your home is already built, plan a courtyard when adding onto the house. This may not add as much to the project as you might think. For example when adding a study, an extra bedroom or even an attached garage, you can add the same structure 15 or 20 ft from the house.

    A defining characteristic of a courtyard is having the space feel as though it has four “solid” walls. A vine covered trellis or hedge may close in a small space without making it claustrophobic. If you’re looking to add an even greater sense of closure, an open roof or canopy would be ideal. Whatever structure you choose, definitely allow an abundance of light to enter the courtyard so it always creates that wonderful sense of welcoming.

    In regards to design, you definitely have control over scale. The total absence of a roof makes the space feel a lot bigger than it actually is. A grouping of tables and chairs on an open patio may certainly look cramped in a walled courtyard, so keep the space uncluttered and roomy. Scale also comes into play when selecting plants. In terms of design and horticulture, it works better to have fewer and larger pots than many little pots that can dry out quickly and blow away when ever there’s a strong breeze.

    The ideal picture for a courtyard is having a view into it, rather than out of it. When you design your courtyard, take a look at views from windows, including those overhead and doors that enter the courtyard. If you have an attractive view from the courtyard, a clever idea would be to consider cutting a window in a wall of the courtyard to frame it.

    If you need some real assistance in deciding how a courtyard will fit into your pool plans, come and talk to us at Albatross Pools. We can give you tips and all the advice you need. We even have a special range of Courtyard Pools for those confined spaces. You can choose from The Petite 4m x 2m, The Classique, 5m x 2.5m, or The Grande, 5.5m x 2.75m.


    There are so many creative possibilities when designing a pool

    Before you jump in to purchase a new inground pool, it’s a good idea to give some serious thought about its design. There are also key factors to consider that will do more than just contribute to the pool’s look. If the design is properly planned and laid out it will maximize your investment and overall enjoyment of the pool.

    Pool Design
    Pool Design

    In the early stages of the purchase process, you should give great consideration to the design and shape. An important thing to consider when designing an inground pool or considering its shape is defining who will be using the pool and what will it be used for. It could be just for family use or for family entertainment. The answer will help determine the pool’s design and shape. Should it be freeform, geometric or a hybrid of the two? It’s very important to determine the pool’s primary users and uses. Will it be mostly for entertaining, sport, lounging around, playing poolside sports, or a combination of all? Could it be for exercise, casual diving and lap swimming? Whoever uses the pool should play a major role in deciding the pool’s size and shape.

    The dynamics of your yard play a major factor in your pool’s shape and design. Rectangular pools sometimes do not work well in small, tight or oddly shaped yards. On the other hand, freeform pools with no true geometric lines can work brilliantly. Take a long hard look at what your yard will dictate and that will give you a real idea of the size, shape, look and feel your pool should have. Other factors that may influence the design could be the actual space where the pool will be and its proximity to your house. Another thing to consider is, does the nature of your yard pose any building challenges for a specific pool design? (i.e. Easements, building envelopes, etc.)

    A lot of people favour the freeform shaped pool because of its visual appeal. Freeform pools many times start as a rectangular box pool. However as you start to take a closer look at radius and shape, the square footage is reduced as is the swimming pool. With freeforms, you have to compensate by making the overall size larger. This is to achieve the inherent square footage that you normally get with a geometric shape. A very important factor is to consider how much effective swimming and usage area will be available based upon the shape.

    When designing your pool, decide upon the specialty features and options that you want to build into the structure of the pool as this will significantly influence the shape, size and look. Can you picture a rock waterfall, an attached or detached spa, or a sun deck? For instance, a pool with a very large sun deck will either add to the overall size of the pool, or take away from it. Again, it’s vitally important in the design phase to include all the options you want to build into the pool.

    The creative possibilities in designing a pool are endless. At Albatross Pools, our team can show you how to create the perfect pool. Whether it’s for relaxation, entertainment or pure fun, come and talk to us. We’re only too happy to help.

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