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    Can Albatross Construct A Plunge Pool? Of Course They Can

    It’s a simple fact of life and living. House block sizes are becoming a whole lot smaller with the house occupying a lot of the space. So you may be wondering, is there an option to put in a pool to keep the whole family cool and happy during those hot summer days? Some think there’s just not enough room. Well think again.

    Lake Wendouree Backyard Pool
    Lake Wendouree Backyard Pool

    With flexibility in design of a pre-engineered steel pool, Albatross Pools can custom design a plunge pool to fit in perfectly to a limited space. We offer a complete range of flexible plunge pool designs, or the Courtyard Pool collection as we prefer to call them.

    Of course the design of your pool will be determined by what space you have available. In lots of cases it won’t be a uniform shape, so a square or rectangular pool would fit in perfectly. Even if there is a triangular shape, that can be accommodated too. Or, for instance if the area you have in mind incorporates a boundary fence, you could give great consideration to having one side of the pool straight while the others are curved resembling a b-shape plunge pool, a semi-circular pool or perhaps something completely freeform. You just have so many options when you’re think plunge pools.

    When you are planning your plunge pool, it’s a good idea to plan the entry steps and bench seats. In regards to pool size, any plunge pool can be up to 5m meters long and 3 meters wide. Obviously the dimensions will determine what you can work with you come to designing your plunge pool..

    Although limited in size, a plunge pool has so many great things going for it. Let’s look at heating. With the small amount of water needed it would be a great idea to incorporate a solar pool heating system along with some form of demand heating system such as a gas pool heater or pool heat pump. This combination is an absolute winner because it enables you to swim all year round.

    Swim jets is another great idea. If you’re into fitness, high powered independent swim jets can be included in the design of the pool giving you plenty of resistance to do laps on a regular basis. Now with your plunge pool, it’s a good idea to have a pool cover especially if it’s going to be used all year round. A pool cover not only protects, but ensures that the heat is retained.

    Take the plunge. If you have a small space or limited access, come and talk to the team at Albatross pools for some inspiration. They’ll come up with a design that’s not only clever and contemporary, but right on the money.


    What Makes The Aqualux PVC Membrane a Superior Pool Interior?

    Well there are many things actually. But first, let’s look at the back story. Aqualux pool interiors are proving to be incredibly popular here and overseas. When you take a close look at the actual membrane, it’s constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl. In Australia, it’s such a popular choice that’s it’s estimated that over 20,000 plus inground pools have an Aqualux pool interior, and it’s the only choice for a high-quality Albatross Pool. Take a look overseas and you’ll see it clearly in focus when you see it in the creation of the biggest pool in the world, the Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile which features an Aqualux PVC membrane in a billion dollar construction. Roll back one year, and you’ll discover that a number of amazing pools with vinyl pool interiors made it into Vogue Living Australia’s Top 16 Luxury Hotel pools.

    Crystal Lagoon
    Crystal Lagoon

    There are a number of great benefits about an Aqualux pool interior. Firstly, it’s a satin smooth non-slip interior. It means that it will not snag swim wear of graze soft skin like other pool interiors. It’s absolutely ideal for babies children and the elderly. With an Aqualux pool interior, there’s virtually no routine maintenance. It’s also a non reactive pool interior that has no effect on water balance and doesn’t need all that labour intensive stuff of being brushed daily for the first four weeks like some other pool interiors.

    An Aqualux pool interior is extremely tough and is of a non–porous material. That means that it won’t chip, peel, crack, separate, leech chemicals or blister. And because of UV inhibitors, it works as an anti bacterial agent making it naturally immune to black spot algae, unlike some other pool interiors. Aqualux pool interiors are incredibly strong. They can stretch over 200% before breaking compared to other pool interiors that can only stretch to 4% before breaking.

    When it comes to durability and thickness, an Aqualux pool interior is a real winner; it’s equivalent to 15 plus layers of pool paint! And unlike some other pool interiors, it doesn’t present colour consistency challenges. Talking of colours there’s a terrific range to choose from. It’s available in 13 plus colours. An Aqalux pool interior has one the best warranties on offer. And it’s not 2 years, or 5 to 8. It’s a 10 year warranty. You simply can’t beat that for a guarantee.

    If you want to know more about the Aqualux PVC membrane story, all you have to do is talk to a member of the Albatross Pool team. They’ll point out all the benefits and tell you why it’s the perfect interior for any pool.


    The Swimming Pool Bucket List 1

    Even though Melbourne currently finds itself gripped by the cold, icy hand of winter, it is natural for our thoughts to turn to the sunnier times that will soon be upon us. The warm summer months of the year are a great opportunity to throw off the shackles of Mother Nature and really cast-off the winter blues in general. Thanks largely due to the fact that the team here at Albatross Pools is obsessed with all things swimming pools, we thought it would be fun to compile a series of bucket lists of pools that you should make a point to visit at least once in your life.

    Cambrain Hotel Pool
    Cambrain Hotel Pool

    The Infinity Pool

    Located at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Infinity Pool is officially the single tallest pool on planet Earth. It lets you swim right up to the edge of one of the tallest buildings in the city and really take in the type of breathtaking view that you would be hard-pressed to recreate anywhere else. It's the perfect way to unwind - provided that you aren't afraid of heights.

    The Cambrian Hotel

    Located in Switzerland, the pool at the Cambrian Hotel is another one that takes the fun of swimming pools to an entirely new level. The pool itself provides you with some of the most incredible views of the surrounding area that you'll ever have the chance to see - complete with luscious greenery, picturesque mountains and more. If you're looking for a chance to really relax and become one with Mother Nature, the Cambrian Hotel is most definitely it.

    The Skye Restaurant and Bar at the Hotel Unique

    Situated comfortably in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the Skye Restaurant and bar at the Hotel Unique lives up to its name in every sense of the word. Not only do you get to sit back and observe one of the most beautiful and interesting cities on the planet, but you're also surrounded by a friendly (and high class) bar/restaurant environment at the same time. Not only do you get to swim in one of the most interesting pools in the world and mark that off of your bucket list, but you also get to enjoy some of the most delicious cuisine that you'll ever have a chance to taste at the exact same time.

    If you want to use your inground pool to make a statement and really put a little bit of your own personality on display at the same time, we can show you how to achieve all of those goals and more at Albatross Pools. Our SPASA Award Winning pool display centres in Dandenong and Warrandyte, have some of the best examples that are designed from the ground up to give you the inspirational ideas that you need to create the pool of your dreams. Feel free to come in and have a look around. One of our trained and friendly team members will gladly provide you with all of the information that you need to install the perfect inground pool that you've always seen in your dreams.

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