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    Swimming: An Iconic Slice of Australian Culture

    Are you struggling with the decision to build a swimming pool on your property? On the other hand, perhaps you're house hunting and have found a property with an existing pool. Is the responsibility of pool ownership something you're ready to tackle? You may have understandable concerns about safety, maintenance, or cost. At Albatross Pools, however, we have seen first-hand that swimming is an iconic and integral part of the Australian way of life—and fond memories of lazy days at the swimming pool are something every child deserves to grow up with.

    Swimming: An Iconic Slice of Australian Culture

    Swimming as a Life Skill

    Swimming is one of just a few life skills that children actually enjoy learning, and it's never too early to get them started. There are so many benefits of having your child learn to swim at a young age. For starters, it's a great life skill to have; more than likely, your child will be growing up around water whether you have a backyard pool or not. After all, water and swimming are a huge part of our culture! Therefore, by teaching your child to learn how to swim at a young age, you can make sure that they have this important life skill and that they can build on it as they get older. In this sense, swimming is a lot like learning how to ride a bike. Once your child learns how to swim and becomes comfortable with it, it's a skill he or she is not likely to forget.

    Furthermore, swimming is excellent for the body, and it's one of the lowest-impact workouts you can enjoy. Combine this with the fact that kids don't typically see swimming as a "chore" and you have a great recipe for an easy way to get the kids out of the house and staying active without complaints!

    Think Back to Your Childhood

    When you think about it, a swimming pool really isn't much more than a hole in the ground filled with water. However, when you add the energy of children and a few pool toys, that big tub of water transforms into something magical. The backyard pool becomes a place for making some of the best summertime memories—ones that can last a lifetime. Think back to your earliest memories of spending time at the pool or learning to swim. More than likely, these take you back to your childhood and elicit warm, happy memories of spending time with family and loved ones. Doesn't every child deserve to make those same memories that you hold so dear?

    Certainly, there is a lot to consider before you make the decision to add a pool to your existing property or to purchase a property with a pool. Yes, there are responsibilities. You'll need to keep the pool clean and the chemicals balanced. If you have kids, you'll need to make sure they're supervised at all times and wearing floaties as they learn to swim. However, we're also sure that some of the greatest memories of your life are yet to be created in a swimming pool.

    Interested in learning more about how a pool could transform your home? Contact our team today!

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