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  • Next Year, Go Solar

    It’s still winter, but summer will be coming along soon enough and now is the time to plan your next swimming season. If you’re reading this blog, then there’s a good chance that you’re either thinking about building a swimming pool or you’ve already got one. Either way, if you don’t already have a solar pool heating system, then it’s something that you should consider. Our partners at Supreme Heating have been designing and manufacturing their solar pool heating systems for almost 20 years, and they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their product. Today, we believe that it is the most effective, reasonably priced residential solar pool heating system you can buy.

    Solar Swimming
    Solar Swimming

    Is Solar Pool Heating an Option For My House?

    If you have a north-facing roof that’s larger in area than your pool, then you can almost certainly install a solar pool heating system. These systems consist of a solar collector, a high efficiency pump, temperature sensors for the pool and the roof, and a controller. When the pool is cooler than you’d like it to be and the roof is significantly hotter, then the pump switches on and circulates the pool water through the specially designed solar collectors on the roof. These collectors are designed to absorb heat as efficiently as possible, to stay clean and free of debris and to resist mechanical damage from branches, cockatoos and other natural hazards. If you’ve got a little extra roof area, you can even opt for a solar collector that matches the colour of your roof. It won’t be quite as effective per unit area as a black one, but it will look great, even if it’s on the roof over the front of the house.

    What are the Benefits?

    With a solar pool heating system, you can expand your swimming season by months, almost for free. These systems pay for themselves in energy savings over the years and of course, their environmental benefits are priceless. You’ll be able to swim longer using renewable energy and producing almost zero emissions. Just think: months more fun and exercise in your pool. These systems are absolutely perfect for the Melbourne area and elsewhere in Victoria, where many of the transitional months are too chilly for swimming in an unheated pool, but not in a heated one. When the sun is out, Supreme Heating’s Heatseeker Solar Pool Heating system can boost the water temperature by up to ten degrees.

    How Much Does it Cost To Set Up?

    The cost of a solar pool heating system varies greatly depending on the size of your pool, your location and other factors. It’s best to call for an estimate. Of course, if you’d like to save money on installation, you might be able to do all or part of the job yourself.

    A solar pool heating system is almost a must-have for Melbourne area pool owners. Why pay for the energy to heat your pool when you can get it free, from the sun? Supreme Heating’s solar systems work beautifully with our custom designed Albatross pools. To save time and trouble, why not have the heating system installed when the pool is built? When you’ve spent the time and money needed to install a pool, then you should be able to use it for as many months as possible every year. Get summer started early with a solar heated Albatross pool.

    Albatross Pools do offer alternative pool heating options in addition to or in place of solar pool heating, heat pumps and gas heaters just to name two. Watch this space in coming weeks as we explore alternative pool heating systems.

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