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  • Pool or Extra Bedroom?

    Most families have a limited budget to work with when it comes to home improvement. Sometimes, you can’t afford to do it all at once and you need to decide between two different projects. If you have children, then maybe two of them are sharing a room and maybe they’d each like to have their own space. But, you might be thinking about getting a swimming pool for the whole family to use, too. Judging from a recent post on, a lot of Aussies are probably facing this choice. Which project gets the higher priority?

    An Extra Bedroom?

    Without a swimming pool in which to relax and enjoy life, children can be argumentative and territorial. If your house simply doesn’t have enough individual bedrooms for all your children, then sharing a room can bring this kind of dissatisfaction to the surface. Perhaps they’ve used tape to mark a line through the centre of the room. Maybe one child is neat and the other is messy, and they’re doing everything they can to annoy each other. Maybe one of them likes to keep a light on to read and the other one can only fall asleep in total darkness. You’re wondering “Should we buy a new house? Should we build an addition? Should we keep one of them in a cupboard in the garage? (just kidding)

    The fact is, sharing a room builds character. It teaches children to compromise and to consider each other’s needs and each other’s feelings. It can also provide valuable lessons in tolerance and peacekeeping. Do they really need separate rooms? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be at the very top of your priority list, for now.

    Who needs your own bedroom, when a Pool party is just a phone call away?

    A Pool?

    A pool provides fun and relaxation to the whole family. It’s great for cooling off, blowing off steam and getting some exercise. Why waste time arguing about whose turn it is to choose the TV channel or use the video game console when the sun’s out and there’s sparkling blue water to jump into right there in the back garden? With a pool, togetherness is a virtue. You’ll have kids galore and parents, too. If you’re social and you love to be in the centre of the action, then a backyard pool is a must-have. If you think bedrooms are for sleeping and you’d like to see your kids outside, active and happy, then it’s a great investment.

    The fact is, a pool promotes health and sociability. It’s a fun way to cool off, and it makes the outdoors a lot more appealing on hot days. Kids these days spend so much time staring at screens and trying to work their way out from under piles of homework. A pool is something that can make them – and you – feel good. With a new pool, you’ll let go of stress and negative feelings and create happy family memories.

    There’s Nothing Like Asking

    Of course, Albatross Pools thinks that buying a pool should be your next major home improvement project. That’s because we sell high quality, affordable in-ground pools with durable steel structures and Aqualux membranes. We’d love to sell one to you, because that’s what we’re in business to do. We think that if you buy one, you’ll love having it.

    But, you don’t have to take our advice. Talk to your family and find out what they think the priorities should be. Pool or extra bedroom? Pool or new kitchen? Pool or home theatre? What’s going to add the most joy, fitness and friendship to your lives? Take a look at our Pool Buyer’s Guide and then give us a call. We’d be happy to provide you with an estimate so that you can set your budget and organise your priorities.

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