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  • Pool Landscaping Inspiration: Aruba’s Natural Pool

    In the past few months, we’ve occasionally been posting design inspiration for our friends and customers. After all, even when a pool is a good value, it’s still a major investment. It’s worth it to make the most not only of the pool itself, but the opportunity to turn your garden into a really beautiful and unique place to cool down and unwind. One way to do that is with an outstanding landscape design that incorporates your pool and the space around it.

    Aruba's Natural Pool
    Aruba's Natural Pool

    Of course, nature is one of the best places to look for inspiration. We’ve been exploring real-world natural beaches, waterfalls and pools, and one of the most lovely we’ve found is Aruba’s Natural Pool. This secluded spot isn’t just an amazing place to take a swim, it also has a look that can pretty easily be used as an inspiration for a garden design. You can view a large set of inspiring visitor photos on Trip Advisor’s Natural Pool Page.

    Aruba’s Natural Pool: A Hidden Gem

    The Natural Pool is located in Arikok National Park and it’s well known as a great place for snorkelling; many unusual fish species can be found there. When the tide is coming in, water crashes over the rocks and creates a great show for visitors. However, when the water is calm, it’s a wonderful place for a dip. Everyone who’s had a chance to visit the Natural Pool says that one of the best parts of the experience is the journey through Aruba’s outback and the dramatic reveal when the pool is finally in sight. Visitors move from a dusty, rocky landscape to a beautiful place for swimming, protected by stone at the edge of the open water. It creates a sense of awe and wonder.

    Pool Ideas Inspired by Aruba’s Natural Pool

    You probably won’t be putting fish into your private pool, so snorkelling and colourful sea life won’t be the focus. The things to think about in using the Natural Pool for inspiration are the use of rock, the use of falling water and the element of surprise.

    Surround all or part of your pool with natural boulders (with enough room around the edges to ensure safety, of course). If you’re thinking about incorporating a spa, you could place it at one side, edged by natural rock, and place a waterfall next to it, creating the illusion that you have two natural pools nestled into a rocky landscape. Another strategy would be to build up a stone wall on one side and install a waterfall there. This would work especially well on a sloped piece of property; the stone wall might double as a retaining wall, and the look would be absolutely fantastic. The waterfall could be either gradual or direct.

    Consider creating a dramatic reveal for your pool. One strategy is to place the pool in a slightly elevated position relative to the ground floor of your house, with boulders blocking the views from some directions. Don’t forget leave a few critical sight lines open, though, especially if you have kids. Consider creating an especially dramatic approach for guests. Of course, a pool like this would be absolutely incredible on a piece of oceanfront property, where it could be made to resemble a natural stone formation on the edge of the water.

    Remember, an Albatross Pool can be any size and shape, so you have many options to work with. A good landscape designer or landscape architect can work with the pool experts at Albatross to help you make your vision real, whatever the inspiration.

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