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  • Pool Landscaping Inspiration: Malta’s Blue Lagoon

    This is a latest in a series of posts on beautiful natural pools that can serve as inspirations for your landscape and pool design. So far, we’ve posted on Wufengchi Waterfall and Aruba’s Natural Pool. This time, it’s Malta’s Crystal Lagoon. One of our team recently had an opportunity to visit there and was struck by the interesting landscape around the Crystal Lagoon, as well as its beauty.


    Malta is a country made up of three relatively small, mountainous Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. It is only 316 km in area, but it’s packed with history and beautiful scenery. Malta has ruined temples from 400 B.C. and stunning medieval and Renaissance cities. It was ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, and the Byzantines, and it has intact historical sites from all those periods. The Knights of St. John, or Knights Templar, controlled it for almost 300 years and most recently, it was part of the British empire. Malta has had its independence since 1964 and today, it’s an independent member of the EU. English is still one of the official languages, making it a very comfortable part of Southern Europe for English speakers to visit.

    Malta’s Crystal Lagoon

    Most of Malta is densely populated and urban, and it’s not necessarily the best place for a beach-oriented holiday. The main island and Goza, which is smaller, both have a few fairly nice public beaches, but the best place to go swimming is off the small island of Comino, which is in between the two larger islands.

    Blue Lagoon Malta
    Blue Lagoon Malta

    Every day, dozens of small tour boats take tourists and locals to the Crystal Lagoon on the shore of Comino. The Mediterranean Sea around Malta is a deep, intense azure. When the Crystal Lagoon comes into sight, one of the most striking things about it is its cyan-coloured water — it actually looks like a swimming pool! It’s surrounded by rock ledges and sea caves, and hiking around the Crystal Lagoon is almost as fun as swimming in it. However, there are only a few small sand beaches; for the most part, it’s surrounded by a rocky shoreline.

    Design Inspiration From the Crystal Lagoon

    Since there’s so little beach space, the best thing to do is to leave a towel somewhere and jump in! In fact, many people simply swim from the sides of the boats. The water is relatively shallow, but it’s still above head height in the middle of the lagoon. One fun thing to do is to swim from one of the easily accessible beaches to a beach on the other side of the lagoon that can’t be reached over land, as it’s on a separate, small island. Then, you’re on a much less crowded beach in an area that you can explore a little once you’re out of the water.

    Small Sand Beaches
    Small Sand Beaches

    How can ideas from the Crystal Lagoon be incorporated into a swimming pool? Well, the colour of the water can surely be imitated with a light blue swimming pool interior. Landscaping with rocks and boulders around the edge of the pool would give a similar effect to the Blue Lagoon’s rocky shoreline. However, one really original idea would be to create a spot for sunbathing and socialising that can only easily be reached from the pool. This could be done using the edges of the garden — fences or hedges — as barriers, or by using other types of landscaping, like walls and rocks. Limiting the areas where the pool can easily be entered and exited to an area near the back of the house and another, more secluded, area would create a ‘private beach’ that’s only available to swimmers. Both pool access points could be equipped with stairs or beach-style entries.

    We don’t know of anyone who has tried a design like this, but wouldn’t it be fun to have a special, nicely landscaped area for the people who are willing to put on their swimsuits and jump in? It’s an interesting design idea inspired by the small, secluded sand beaches around Malta’s Blue Lagoon.

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