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  • Rounded or Rectangular: What Your Pool Says About You

    At Albatross, we can design and construct steel-framed, Aqualux-lined pools of pretty much any size or shape. To see examples of some of our most recent pool designs, go to our Online Gallery.

    You’ll probably notice that some of our pools are rectilinear and others are round, oval or curvy and complex. What’s the best way to choose a shape for your pool? Well, many people come to us already knowing what kind of pool shape they’re interested in. Sometimes logic dictates what will work best on your property and for your family, but the pool shape you choose also depends on your personality and creative vision.

    A Rectangular Pool

    A rectangular pool is the first thing that most people think of, and it makes sense. Property tends to be divided into roughly rectangular pieces and houses tend to be rectilinear, too. So, a rectangular pool probably fits neatly into your site plan. In addition, a rectangular pool is ideal for swimming laps. The distance from one end to the other is predictable, and it’s easy to reverse direction on a wall that’s perpendicular to the direction you’re swimming in. It’s more straightforward to install a pool fence in the same shape as the pool, too. It’s all very simple and well defined.

    Rectangle Swimming Pool Design

    Who chooses rectangular pools? A simple rectangle is popular with people who have a modern aesthetic, with a house that’s minimalist and urbane. It’s also popular with people who have a limited, rectangle-shaped space for their pool. Rectangles are the go-to pool shape for those who like a disciplined, well groomed garden and strictly defined spaces. It’s the default shape for most of us, but maybe it can be a little ‘square’.

    A Rounded Pool

    In nature, ponds tend to have curved edges, so a rounded pool looks more natural. It’s got a few other advantages, too. When a rounded pool is combined with a squared-off house and parcel of land, it creates nice spaces for pool furniture, shelters, decks, vegetation and features where the corners would be, if the pool were rectangular. The rounded shape creates a contrast with the surrounding buildings and infrastructure. It’s a softer, more creative look. If the pool is for relaxation more than for exercise, than a rounded shape probably does a better job of promoting that; it lends a relaxed, easygoing feeling to the landscape design.

    Kidney Shaped Pool Design

    Who chooses rounded pools? The people who prefer rounded pools tend to have given a lot of thought to the design of their outdoor space. Sometimes, they want the pool to have an organic feel that harmonises with their lush garden. Sometimes, they’ve got a complex, well-worked out plan in mind for the recreational area in back of the house, and a rounded pool is what works best to tie everything together. It’s a good pool shape for thoughtful, creative people.

    Why Not Combine the Two?

    There’s no reason not to combine the two pool shapes in the same landscaping plan. Perhaps your pool could have a shallow, rounded area for wading and small children and a deeper, rectilinear area for swimming laps. Alternatively, you could connect a round plunge pool or spa to your lap pool, or provide rounded sitting areas at the edges of a rectangular pool, like the pool we recently designed in Ringwood, shown here. Maybe you’re analytical, concerned with fitness, creative and interested in relaxation, all at once. This kind of plan can offer the best of all worlds.

    Whatever pool shape you prefer, Albatross Pools can help you bring it to life. Call us on 1300 136 316 or fill out our online inquiry form. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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