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  • Small Pools for Entertaining

    As new communities become higher density and lot sizes shrink, we're seeing more demand for small pools. When we work with our clients to design a small pool, we talk to them about how they're going to use it. Will they use it mostly for exercise like water aerobics or lap swimming, or will it be used more often for family fun and for entertaining? Will the pool be used mostly by children, teenagers or adults? How will the pool fit in with the family's everyday life, and how often will it be used for weekend parties and get-togethers? Of course, it's also important to know the size and shape of the yard and the other purposes that it serves.

    Recently, we posted about small pools that will be used primarily for exercise. This week, we'll talk about small pools for entertaining guests and for family fun.

    Plunge Pools

    The term "plunge pool" originally referred to the deep pool that forms under a waterfall. Water plunges from a cliff for centuries and impacts the same spot over and over again. The soil or stone erodes, and the pool keeps getting deeper. The water may flow into a shallower river or lake, but there's a plunge pool underneath the foam and mist of the waterfall. What a beautiful image!

    Today, "plunge pool" is also a term we use in the pool industry to indicate a relatively small pool that's used mostly for cooling off. Sometimes, plunge pools are associated with saunas. They're something that you can jump into to cool down. They're generally from two to seven metres on each side, and they're smaller in plan than a standard pool. Plunge pools can be any depth, although they're sometimes defined as either deep or shallow. The depth really depends on the intended uses and on who will have access to the pool area.

    Wading Pools

    Wading pools are shallow pools that are tailored for young children. Of course, adults can use them to cool off, as well. We're sometimes asked to build a wading pool for the children and a deeper pool for the adults. In the future, when there are no small children to use it, the wading pool can be repurposed into a water feature. Separate wading pools are safer for children than pools that are shallower on one end, but of course they still need to be supervised.

    Wading Pools
    Source: Wikipedia Commons, Small pool with small Jacuzzi

    Large Spas

    A spa is a small pool designed for sitting. Spas are often equipped with air or water jets that give your back a refreshing massage while you soak. They can be independent, or they can be located on one side of a bigger pool. A large spa can double as a small plunge pool.

    Large Spas
    Source: Flickr, Large Spas

    Small pools are not only easier to fit into a small yard, they are also quicker and less expensive to heat and to clean. They have lower maintenance costs than larger pools. Our pre-engineered pools can be any size or depth, and we can equip them with jets, steps and other features. They are a good value both short and long-term, and they look good, too. Get in touch with us today and tell us about the kind of small pool you'd like to enjoy with your family and friends.

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