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  • Be in the Swim All Year Round With an Indoor Pool

    What a luxury this is. Being able to take the plunge any time, all year round. Just think. You can turn a ninety day swim season into a 365 day pool party. Any type of pool – concrete, fiberglass or pre-engineered can be constructed indoors and the installations can be as simple as a lap pool or something more elaborate. Some people like to add something more. Like changing rooms, showers, exercise facilities, steam rooms, saunas, wet bars and other amenities to their indoor pool installation to create a health spa atmosphere. When you look at it, the possibilities with an indoor pool are only limited by imagination and budget.

    Indoor Swimming Pool
    Indoor Swimming Pool

    The best time to plan for an indoor pool is during the design and construction of a new house. However with the right help, it is possible to seamlessly add an indoor pool to an existing home. Either way you need an expert to guide you through the whole process. The main difference between an outdoor and an indoor pool is the pool deck. An indoor pool is designed with a slope towards the pool to keep water away from walls.

    When it comes to indoor pool ventilation, it’s important to get it right. The humidity level should be maintained at 50 to 60 percent, either by exchanging humid air for fresh, drier air, or by installing a dehumidification system. Any system should be designed to make sure that air is not forced across the pool surface which can speed up evaporation. The air should be evenly distributed over the outside walls to prevent condensation. To reduce evaporation and improve better comfort, the air temperature inside the enclosure should be kept two to four degrees above the water pool temperature.

    As for the pool water, when using chlorination it can be very pronounced and tricky to get the right balance. A much easier solution is to use an ionic fresh water system.

    Windows, skylights and sliding doors are a brilliant way to create a feeling of openness. It’s a good idea to have skylights or high windows that open to let hot air escape. With lots of sliding glass doors you have the delightful opportunity to treat your indoor pool like an outdoor pool in summer. Another option is to contain your pool within a retractable pool enclosure. These telescopic ‘domes’ are built around your outdoor pool and can offer protection during inclement weather or be fully retracted to leave your pool open on warm days.

    At night you naturally need indoor lighting to provide sufficient and highly attractive illumination. The lighting should be subtle – just enough to create the perfect ambiance. And here’s a tip; avoid overhead lights. The bulbs are just too difficult to access when they need changing. Best to consider using fiber optic cable fixtures which use remote illuminators that are easily accessible.

    As with the construction of an outdoor inground pool, council fencing regulations must be adhered to when designing an indoor pool. This can create some unforeseen challenges due to the pool being contained as part of a structure. We recommend consulting your State regulatory body to clarify pool fencing regulations in your area as the issue may not be as straightforward as it seems.

    If you want to know more about the ins and outs of an indoor pool, come and talk to us Albatross Pools. We’ll show you the best way to go about installing one.

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