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  • Your Swimming Pool And Your Home Value: What You Need To Know

    Nunawading Pool Project

    There are a huge number of misconceptions about having a swimming pool installed on your property and what that single decision will ultimately do to the value of your home. Some people are quick to say that you shouldn't install a pool because unless you can find a buyer who wants one, you're making your home harder to sell. This is incredibly false: a swimming pool can be a terrific way to add additional value to your home, provided that you go about things in the right way.

    Nunawading Swimming Pool

    A Pool Alone Won't Increase Your Home's Value

    The key thing to understand in this situation is that a pool alone will not increase or decrease your home's value. It’s not necessarily about the type of swimming pool that you have installed on your property, it’s more about the way you design said installation. Having a pool that appears as a cheap add-on that just screams lack of thought, or one that sticks out like a sore thumb and in no way complements your home or the outdoor space is a recipe for disaster. It is imperative that the pool is presented as a natural extension of your home, blending with professional landscaping to create a welcoming outdoor space.

    No potential buyer is going to stare down into your unloved, green pool that offers the appearance of a faded bathtub and think, “I want this house!” A well maintained, sparkling blue pool not only appears inviting, but also makes a potential statement about the possibility of low-maintenance, a common fear factor for potential pool owners. Contrary to some media outlets broadcasting the death of the backyard swimming pool, recent data released by shows the interest in owning a pool may be on the rise. Data collected over a 12 month period between August 2015 and July 2016 showed that the keyword ‘pool’ was included in a staggering 44% of all real estate searches, eclipsing the second best keyword of ‘Waterfront’ by 30%.

    An attractive pool with landscaping has always been synonymous with high-end property, but it appears the trend of installing a pool area as not only a leisure facility but as a BBQ focal point is gaining popularity. Albatross Pools can design a pool to complement any space, removing restrictions placed by lumbering old fibreglass pools of old.

    It's Not About Installing a Pool. It's About Installing the Right Type of Pool

    Making the decision to install a concrete pool in 2016 and beyond, for example, is probably a decision that you'll live to regret. Not only are they an expensive construction project that take several months to complete, but they can also be an eyesore, and you still have the swimming pool landscaping to complete on top of that. Concrete pools can develop the dreaded "green sludge" look if you don’t maintain a cleaning schedule along with ‘black spot’ algae formations that can also affect fibreglass pools. Pool tiles often suffer from furry algae that develop along the grout lines, a condition that requires treatment and cleaning.

    An Albatross Pool has a PVC Aqualux interior that contains UV inhibitors and anti-bacterial properties making it highly resistant to algae growth while requiring virtually no routine maintenance. The Aqualux interior is also silky-smooth and non-slip yet extremely tough, meaning no chips, cracks or peeling. Years ago, most people assumed that a concrete or fibreglass pool was their only option, but the benefits of a pre-engineered, steel Albatross Pool are obvious.

    With an aesthetically pleasing Aqualux PVC membrane interior pool like the type that Albatross Pools in Melbourne can provide, you're circumnavigating all of these issues and are getting the pool you've always wanted at the exact same time. The Aqualux PVC interior in use on all Albatross Pools not only means that your pool is easier to clean, but that less cleaning is required in the first place. This leads to a convenient option that is ready to use all year round.

    Additionally, modern pools no longer have to be the focal point of your property and can instead compliment the environment that you were trying to create or maintain. With the right pool and modern swimming pool landscaping, pools can be naturally integrated into both indoor and outdoor living areas. They're suddenly complimentary to the outdoor experience of the home in question, rather than the only thing that people can see or talk about whenever they step outside. When potential buyers see how attractive the right pool is, and how automated the cleaning schedule can be, it will only give your home something truly unique to offer that other sellers can't compete with.

    To see how Albatross Pools can fulfil your swimming pool dreams, talk to a team member today. If you’d like to see our work first hand, why not visit one of our Award Winning Pool Display Centres and see the quality we can bring to your swimming pool project.

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