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    Pool Lighting Secrets Revealed

    A lighted pool is a pool that can be used for more hours of the day and for more days of the year. Pool lighting keeps the pool visible after dark, too. Of course it looks fantastic, but it also makes the pool safer; it’s easier to see and therefore harder to stumble into! Finally, pool lighting makes the ever popular, ever wonderful after-dark pool party both possible and memorable.

    Underwater Lighting

    As you undoubtedly know, electricity and water don’t mix. That’s one of the reasons why underwater lighting has to be considered as part of the design of the pool. It’s got to be safely installed and correctly designed to protect both the swimmers and the pool. Albatross pools has formed a partnership with Spa Electrics, a leading Australian manufacturer of LED swimming pool lights. Spa Electrics has been manufacturing pool lights for the Australian market for more than 30 years. We will install Spa Electrics LED underwater lights when we build your pool.

    Pool Light Color
    Pool Light Color

    Why did we choose Spa Electrics? Their LED lights are efficient and long lasting, with a 50,000 hour life expectancy for each globe — that’s much greater than the industry standard. They are designed with clear rims and installed flush so that the light will spread evenly throughout the pool, not just directly in front of the position of the light, but around the sides, as well. They’re high quality LEDs with cooling built-in, so that they’ll keep functioning at maximum efficiency. They are expertly matched in their colour range and intensity, so your pool lighting will always look even and professional. Finally, Spa Electrics lights, unlike lower quality pool lights, are designed to be repairable. If a bulb needs to be changed or if there’s a problem with one of the lights, the fixture can simply be disassembled and fixed; it won’t need to be replaced.

    Pool Light Quality
    Pool Light Quality

    Most of our customers opt for lights that are located on the wall closest to the house; that way, the side of the pool that they can see from the windows will be softly and evenly illuminated, with no light fixtures showing. The fact is, the lights work with the coloured pool interior and the water to create the overall after-dark look of the pool. Spa Electric lights are designed to work with the blue tones in the water and the pool interior to produce the maximum possible luminosity with a minimum of energy use.

    For more information on the lighting system that comes with Albatross pools, refer to the Spa Electrics brochure, which is available as a pdf and can be downloaded from our website.

    Exterior Lights

    You’ll probably want to have exterior lights around your pool, as well. It’s a basic requirement for getting around your property after dark, and the pool would be a hazard without them; though the water might be illuminated, you still don’t want to trip into it! Of course, the exterior lighting deserves some thought; it might be wall mounted on the house and/or on a canopy, alfresco or deck. Alternatively, the exterior lights could be mounted on the pool fence or on poles. They might be in the form of bright spotlights or strings of durable, high output fairy lights. There are so many possibilities; safety is the number one concern, but the aesthetic possibilities are both endless and exciting.

    Designing exterior pool lighting is much like designing the lighting for a room, and it’s definitely worth considering which spaces will be used most heavily after dark and which should be lighted for security reasons. Most people have a pretty good idea about what they want for exterior lighting around the pool area, and landscape designers and contractors are certainly willing to help and offer advice, as needed. Don’t forget to give serious consideration to this issue.

    Pool lighting, both underwater and around the pool area, is a key part of the overall design of the pool. We’ll discuss it with you when the other major decisions about pool size, shape and location are made, and you can rest easy knowing that the Spa Electrics lights we use are absolutely top quality.


    What’s popular in pool design?

    Similar to the styling of your home, your chosen pool design should be an expression of who you are and the desired lifestyle you seek to create for your family.  When visiting clients’ properties some 20, 30 or even 40 years down the track, the most aesthetically pleasing and timeless backyards are those which feature a unique pool design that has been tailored to suit the space available and work in unison with the architectural styling of the home.

    Popular Pool Shapes

    Rectangles of all dimensions are on trend in pool design.  Easily positioned along a boundary fence or a straight line of the family home, the rectangle pool shape is a practical yet simplistic and timeless pool design popular amongst renovators, builders and architects.  A wedge, roman, half roman, L shape, B shape and a lap pool are all popular variations of a rectangle pool design.  Creativity can be had with how the pool entry is incorporated into the pool design - an external swim out area (circular, rectangular or freeform in shape) or bench and soft seats internally positioned in the swim area of the pool.

    Freeform pools are by far the most exciting and innovative option in pool design today.  Some clients choose to incorporate the contemporary lines of their newly built or renovated home into the design of their pool and opt for a structured geometric freeform pool shape.  While others desire a natural pool lagoon and decide on a more fluid freeform pool design to blend in with the natural surrounds of the pool, creating a landscape architectural statement.  The pre-engineered nature of an Albatross pool offers complete freedom in pool design achieving almost any shape and size.

    Family size, property easements, natural slope of the property, pool fencing requirements, sun exposure, how you intend to use the pool, pool surrounds and the desired look and feel of your backyard are also key areas worth consideration when tailoring your pool design with a qualified sales consultant.  To organize an obligation free swimming pool quotation, contact us today.


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