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    How to choose a pool colour?

    With so many pool colours to choose from, selecting the perfect pool colour for your backyard can be a tricky process. Clients often begin by asking to see the most popular pool colours when visiting our swimming pool display centres.  Yet, like most trends, what is popular today may not be popular tomorrow.  For this reason we encourage our clients to consider a number of important factors when choosing a pool colour.

    Look and Feel

    Before you begin to think about pool colour, first consider the look and feel you would like to create in your backyard. Are you after a tropical oasis, a Tuscan haven, a natural lagoon, or a modern chic outdoor space?  Be sure to consider the style and exterior tones of your home.  The theme of your backyard will begin to guide you towards a colour palette to work from.

    The Pool Colour

    Depending on the size of your swimming pool, your backyard design may feature your swimming pool as the centerpiece in its design.  Like any centerpiece, it should compliment the desired look and feel whilst adding the ‘wow’ factor to the overall design.

    Factors to be considered when choosing a pool colour include your backyard theme, pool surrounds, water reflection and water temperature, just to name a few.  To ensure the process of choosing a pool colour is as simple yet enjoyable as possible, I’d encourage you to use the table below as a reference point when selecting the right pool colour for your swimming pool.

    FactorLight Pool ColoursDark Pool Colours
    Pool ColoursPacific Light Blue Maldive Mosaic Reef Pebble Mediterranean MarbleAntique Bahama
    Caribbean Casablanca
    Costa Rica Dark Blue
    Pool SurroundsThe tone of your pool surrounds should be in contrast to your pool colour. If you choose a light pool colour, consider  darker pool surrounds including:

    • Dark Wooden Decking
    • Bluestone
    • Dark Granite
    • Sandstone with red, brown and orange earth tones
    • Travertine with chocolate and caramel tones
    • Dark Limestone
    • Dark Slate
    • Dark Bric
    The tone of your pool surrounds should be in contrast to your pool colour. If you choose a dark pool colour, consider  lighter pool surrounds including:

    • Light Wooden Decking
    • Light Granite
    • Natural or Ivory Sandstone
    • Travertine with cream and beige tones
    • Light Limestone
    • Light Slate
    • Light Brick

    Pool Reflection

    A lighter pool colour will draw your eye to the bottom of the swimming pool and you may be more inclined to notice settled debris.A darker pool colour will reflect the pool surrounds and create a mirror-like effect. You will be less likely to notice any settle debris at the bottom of the swimming pool.
    Pool Water TemperatureA lighter pool colour will reflect the sunrays and cooler pool water may result.  There is also a high potential for glare.A darker pool colour will attract and absorb the sunrays. A darker pool colour may increase your pool water temperature by 2 to 3 degrees.

    Impact of Water & Natural Light

    When people renovate or build, it is common to collect samples (bench top, splash back tile, paint swatch, cabinetry colour, etc) to see if the combination works well and creates the desired look and feel. In the case of a pool and it's surrounds, it is important to consider the impact of water and natural light (bright Summer's day vs. dull Winter's day) - samples can take on a completely different look and feel.

    Antique Pool Colour
    Antique in an Albatross Display Pool with a Pool Water Feature

    Helpful Pool Design Tip

    Take your favourite pool coping tile sample to your pool builder's display centre and place it alongside a pool with your chosen pool colour featured. This is the best way to get a feel for how your dream pool space will look!

    Pool Colour Samples taken inside under artificial light
    Pool Colour Samples in an Albatross Display Pool (water movement and natural light)


    Don’t forget to consider how slippery your pool surrounds may become when wet. Perhaps consider a textured pool surround. And finally, we have found that dark pool surrounds can attract heat and retain heat in the surface, which may become uncomfortable to walk on during a hot summer’s day.

    We find by keeping a few simple factors in mind when choosing your pool colour, you will be able to achieve the desired look and feel in your backyard in little to no time at all! Your pool builder might help you to make the right decision. To see the pool colours available with Albatross Pools, simply visit one of our swimming pool display centres open seven days a week year round.


    Why Small Pools Are Big

    These days new home block sizes are ever decreasing, resulting in smaller spaces being allocated to outdoor living and pool areas. For those who have their hearts set on installing a swimming pool, it means many homeowners have to become increasingly creative with their outdoor living space. If you've wanted a swimming pool but have been under the assumption that your yard is too small, you may want to consider a courtyard pool or plunge pool as a viable option! These unique and functional styles of pool are great for more confined outdoor spaces. Not to mention, they come with numerous additional benefits that a larger, "traditional" pool simply does not.

    Why Small Pools Are Big

    What is a Courtyard Pool?

    Specifically, a courtyard pool refers to a swimming pool that is smaller in size; these pools are designed to be incorporated into smaller spaces beautifully and naturally. These pools are typically rectangular in shape and include our innovative Aqualux PVC membrane, though there are many additional ways in which their design can be customised. And when done correctly, they can also fit into the overall landscape of your yard to make a bold architectural statement. Typically, these pools are still large and deep enough for you to enjoy all the health and lifestyle benefits of a regular pool as well as offering cooling respite on a hot day.

    Reduced Cost

    One of the key benefits to choosing a courtyard pool is the cost savings, especially when compared to a larger and more traditional swimming pool style. Not only does it cost less in materials and labour to have a small courtyard swimming pool installed, but the operation and maintenance costs tend to be much lower as well. Your pool will require less water to fill it, and you'll go through fewer chemicals to keep your pool water at proper and balanced levels.

    Easier Maintenance

    Speaking of maintenance, does the thought of trying to maintain a large pool make you uneasy? If so, then you'll also love the fact that courtyard pools tend to be much easier to maintain due to their smaller size and thus smaller water volume. So long as you test your water regularly and follow the recommended maintenance schedule, keeping your pool's water safe and balanced is pretty simple. Of course, if you're still intimidated by the thought of maintaining your swimming pool, you can always consider a (relatively) maintenance-free option from Albatross Pools. We offer pools with time-saving features such as ionic water purifiers and even built-in pool cleaning systems so you can take the time, hassle, and guess work out of keeping your pool maintained!

    Optional Features

    Just as with a traditional swimming pool, there are all kinds of ways to make your courtyard or plunge pool your own. Consider, for example, having a swim jet system installed in your courtyard pool; these can be great for adjusting your water flow so you can swim at your own pace without worrying about bumping into the walls of your pool! We also offer heating systems to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature all year-round. You might even consider having wrap-around seating installed in the shallow perimeter of your pool to create more of an entertainment space and optimise your use of the space available in your yard.

    As you can see, smaller courtyard pools can make a huge difference in your yard and their many features and benefits have seen them boom in popularity. If you're thinking about installing one of these unique pools on your property, Albatross Pools is here to help. Contact us today to get started!


    Laps of Fun for the Whole Family!

    Albatross Pools is incredibly proud of its SPASA Award Winning Pool Project, the Donvale Pool Project. With a size of 25.0 metres by 5.0 metres by 2.0 metres, the Donvale Pool Project was recently awarded the Gold 2016 SPASA (Vic) Pool and Spa of the Year Award for Best Residential Fibreglass, Acrylic, or Vinyl-Lined Lap Pool. Albatross Pools also picked up the Silver version of the same award at the national level.

    Donvale Lap Pool

    SPASA Victoria, also known as the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia, is the premiere industry body devoted to all things swimming pools anywhere in the country today. The organisation represents over 1200 industry professionals across the nation and has devoted itself to promoting and advancing not only the health of the swimming pool industry, but also the integrity and the sustainability of it, at a national level. It is a great honour to receive such an award, and shows the continuing commitment from the team here at Albatross to continually evolve swimming pool design to meet the needs of the modern family.

    Lap Pool Popularity

    Lap pools exploded in popularity when they suddenly became the ‘hot’ thing in modern home design. The appeal of being able to swim laps in an aesthetically pleasing pool design that didn’t consume too much backyard space meant they were the pool on everyone’s wish list. But they came with inherent problems. While mum or dad enjoyed the fitness side of the pool, it didn’t have much appeal to the children who would find it awkward to play in a skinny footprint, especially if their parents were occupying the pool at the same time!

    While standard lap pools are still a popular choice from Albatross Pools, we create many lap pools with a twist, to satisfy all pool users in the family. Our designs offer the best of both worlds with adequate space for relaxation and for family games. The alternative lap pools offered by Albatross Pools deliver unique shapes, where you essentially can get a 25 metre lap pool AND a more traditional-shaped family-friendly swimming pool in the one unit.

    Lap Pools with a Twist

    The Award Winning Donvale Pool Project was unique because this particular client essentially wanted something that was a little left of centre in lap pool terms. He was both someone who trained for marathons and triathlons all year round, but who also had a young family who wanted to play in a pool on those warm summer days. Traditional pool designs didn't offer much in the way of fitness capabilities, while routine lap pools offered little in the way of all-ages fun, with kids and parents on a collision course in a long, skinny lap pool. Operating on a single income stream, the client also needed an option that would help them accomplish all of their goals and require as little money as possible by way of operating costs in both the short and long term if possible.

    Albatross Pools loves a swimming pool design challenge, and the team rose to meet that challenge by designing a lap pool with a twist, and exceeded the client’s expectations. Through its unique design, the use of a Remco Swimroll Pool cover, energy efficient pool pumps, and the heating system offset by Solar Panels, Albatross Pools was able to build the client an option that allowed them to keep one foot in the world of fitness and one foot in the world of excitement at the same time. The fitness part of the brief was met with a 25 metre lap lane, with family fun being accommodated by an offset family zone of varying depths, creating the type of situation where everybody walked (or swam) away happy.

    The Albatross Pools Approach

    If you're looking for a pool builder in Melbourne who can help your family enjoy all the family fun and fitness you want during those warm summer months of the year, you've come to the right place. As the leading provider of pre-engineered in ground pools with silky smooth Aqualux pvc membrane interiors, Albatross Pools has been proudly serving residents in and around Melbourne since 1969. To see one of our showpiece lap pools with a twist, visit our Warrandyte display centre. One of our six display pools on show is an 11-metre lap pool that widens to a 6-metre wading area for the kids. Fun for the whole family! To discuss your swimming pool needs or to find out more about our range of lap and other pool designs, please contact us today.


    Water Wise Country Pools

    At Albatross Pools, we understand that water conservation and environmental efficiency are always two of your top priorities - even if you're in the process of picking out and installing that swimming pool you always hoped that you'd have. If you live in a regional area of Victoria, the chances are high that you're relying on a combination of solar power and rainwater tanks for all of your utility needs. While this is a great way to become as self-sufficient as possible, it also means that you naturally have to be more cautious regarding how, where and why you're using these resources in your home - particularly when it comes to a swimming pool.

    Hidden Valley Swimming Pool
    Hidden Valley Swimming Pool

    The Benefits of Water Wise Pools

    In addition to general water conservation practices, water wise pools also come with a wide range of different benefits designed for environmentally conscious individuals in mind. They are all fully compliant with current water restrictions in and around the Sydney area, for example. They also use equipment designed to give you complete control over how much water is being used, how it's being used and where it's actually coming from in the first place.

    A number of different pool covers are also available, like the ABGAL solar pool cover, which is designed to reduce water elimination and can help decrease the total amount of water that your pool is consuming by as much as 99.84%. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool to cool off on those warm summer days, but you also don't have to worry about being wasteful. At the same time, the use of this type of equipment and these environmentally conscious actions usually also allow you to claim various rebates as part of programs like the Victorian Government's Living Victoria Water Rebate Program.

    Various pool pumps like the AstralPool eVo Pump are available to help increase the efficiency of your water wise pool. The eVo pump in particular operates at a variable speed, allowing you to have complete control over the volume and frequency at which water is being drawn into the pool at any given time. You don't have to worry about drawing too much water into the pool and thus being wasteful, as the pump itself will handle everything for you. In regional areas, pool owners are more sensitive to pool sanitisation; therefore, we offer our Ionic fresh water system. Unlike saltwater systems, the Ionic fresh water can be backwashed on to your land (check with local council regulations first!) and is therefore more efficient and water-conscious.

    Albatross Pools Has The Solution

    If you're looking for a way to have that swimming pool that you've always dreamed of but still want to remain environmentally responsible and water conscious at the same time, let Albatross Pools help you accomplish all of these goals and more. Our state-of-the-art award-winning pool display centres will not only provide you with the inspiration you need to take your preferences and turn them into a reality, but can also be a great way to see how certain water wise country pools will look and feel before you decide on any one particular model. At Albatross Pools, our trained and passionate staff members can't wait to get started working with you to help make the right selection, help guide you through the installation process and more.


    Modern Swimming Pool Landscaping Designs And Ideas

    As a homeowner, there are few better ways to both increase your enjoyment of your property and its value in one fell swoop than with the careful addition of the right type of pool. An Albatross Swimming Pool not only gives you a great way to cool off on those warm summer days, but it can also allow you to significantly increase the asking price of your home should you ever decide to sell. If you're someone who takes the landscaping of your home very seriously, you'll definitely want to pay close attention to the style of pool that you choose.

    Blackburn South Small Pool
    Blackburn South Small Pool

    The right sleek, modern design for a pool won't detract from your existing landscaping design in any way - it can actually compliment that design and make the whole thing work together as one cohesive whole.

    Experimenting with the Shape

    One of the most important things to consider when installing a pool has to do with how that pool fits in with the existing aesthetic of your property. If you choose a pool that is far too large, for example, you could end up with an eyesore that detracts from the experience that your existing landscaping design was supposed to create. The space that you're working with should always be the number one consideration when choosing a particular model.

    This is a large part of the reason why people have had success in the last few years experimenting with the shape of modern pools. If your yard isn't large enough for a traditional round or rectangular pool, try one that is more "L" shaped. Not only will it give you a more unique and modern feel, but it can also be a better way to make use of the space that you have available to you. One of the major benefits to an albatross Pool is the flexibility of design. Our pools are pre-fabricated to fit your desired shape and installed with the minimum of fuss.

    Increase the Functionality

    Many people are having success taking their swimming pool design and combining it with the properties of some of the other elements of their yard. If you don't have enough room for both a swimming pool and a lounging area, why not incorporate shallow bench areas that not only offer safe wading zones, but also areas to relax on those balmy summer days.

    At Albatross Pools, we specialize in providing you with the knowledge and tools that you'll need to add the swimming pool of your dreams to your home as efficiently as possible. Why not visits one of our Award Winning pool display centres, allowing you to experience completed modern designed pools. Our Albatross Pools staff members are more than willing to help you make the right decision so that you can pick the right modern pool immediately. Our staff keeps up to date with modern pool landscaping trends and are more than happy to discuss your ideas.


    Incorporating Your Swimming Pool Into Your Existing Landscaping Design

    If you've made the decision to purchase a swimming pool, congratulations: you have many warm summer days of fun in the sun ahead of you. A swimming pool represents an excellent opportunity to not only increase the property value of your home, but also to make sure that you always have something fun and enjoyable to look forward to every time you come home from a hard day at school or at the office. When purchasing a swimming pool, however, there are a few key things that you have to keep in mind. Namely, you're going to want to make sure that you're incorporating your swimming pool into your existing landscaping design so that you don't undo all of the hard work that you've already completed in an attempt to create visual consistency for the outside of your home.

    Swimming Pools Harris
    Swimming Pools Harris

    Environmental Considerations

    One of the biggest considerations that you have to make when buying a new pool has to do with the specific environment that you're working with. Just because you've settled on a pool design that you're incredibly happy with doesn't necessarily mean that design will suit the current physical layout of your home. You may have to factor in earthworks, excavation and other processes in order to fit a round peg into a square hole, so to speak, which will only add to the amount of money that you can expect to pay.

    By approaching the purchase of a pool from a landscaping perspective, however, you're cutting this issue off at the pass. Albatross Pools can help in this regard, too - we offer prefabricated frames that are designed to make installation as quick and as easy as possible, with minimal mess guaranteed. All of our designs can be custom built to integrate flawlessly with your existing landscaping, whereas other options, such as a fibreglass pool, is unable to be customised.

    Visual Consistency

    If you think about the way that you approached the current landscaping design of your home, you probably did so with a particular theme in mind. You wanted people who visited to see your home and for that home to invoke a particular feeling for each new person who arrived. Every choice that you made - from pavers to flowers and everything in between - was influenced by that goal.

    Installing the wrong pool is a great way to undo all of that hard work in an instant. You may have a pool that you can enjoy, but you also have a giant eyesore in the middle of your yard at the same time. By choosing a pool design that is complementary to your existing landscaping work, you can make sure that the pool looks right at home in the yard that you've already worked so hard to build.

    If you're thinking about purchasing and installing a swimming pool to call your own and would like help making sure that it fits in with the current landscaping design that you're working with, please feel free to call Albatross Pools today. Not only will we help you incorporate that pool into your home so that everything works together as one cohesive whole, but we can also provide you unfettered access to our Award Winning pool display centres to help make sure that you're getting a pool that you and your family will be incredibly happy with for years to come.

    x x

    Health Benefits Of Plunge Pools

    For many, a pool is a great way to accomplish a few different things in one fell swoop. If you're looking for a way to cool down and unwind after a hard day at work or school, a swimming pool from Albatross Pools will most certainly allow you to do exactly that. The right type of pool can also not only tie your landscaping design together in a meaningful way but can also increase your property values at the same time. However, did you know that certain pools also have a number of important health benefits that can't be ignored? It's true - a plunge pool brings with it a number of positive attributes that can actually make you a healthier person along with a happier one.

    What is a Plunge Pool?

    In case you're unfamiliar with the concept, a plunge pool is not unlike a regular swimming pool, except that it is filled with completely cold water. Though this may seem like a new idea to you, the concept has actually been around for centuries. Plunge pools have been used in Chinese medicine for a huge part of recorded history and were actually popular in Ancient Rome, as well.

    The Health Benefits of Plunge Pools

    Because the plunge pool is normally kept at around 10-12 degrees, the health benefits that it brings with it are not only numerous but also immediate. From the moment that you get into such cold water, the nerves around your muscles begin to relax and actually start to numb. At the same time, the cold water stimulates your body in a way that releases hormones and endorphins with many healing properties. Both of these qualities can not only help relieve pain in joints that you may have been feeling, but can also help reduce stress on muscles all over your body as well.

    There have also been a number of studies conducted over the years that show plunge pools have benefits in other areas of your health, as well. Because the cold water is stimulating many different nerves in your system, plunge pools are actually a great way to stabilize your blood pressure without using conventional medicine. Because of the way that plunge pools increase your body's levels of white blood cells, it can also be helpful to your body in fighting off disease.

    If you've made the decision to purchase a plunge pool or any type of swimming pool to call your own, please feel free to call Albatross Pools today. Not only will we help make sure that you get the unit that is right for you, but we'll also help you install it to make sure that you don't have any issues to worry about. You can also check out our innovative Award Winning pool display centres to help get a better idea of how certain pools look, what features they bring to the table, how they fit in with your personality and more.


    What Makes The Aqualux PVC Membrane a Superior Pool Interior?

    Well there are many things actually. But first, let’s look at the back story. Aqualux pool interiors are proving to be incredibly popular here and overseas. When you take a close look at the actual membrane, it’s constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl. In Australia, it’s such a popular choice that’s it’s estimated that over 20,000 plus inground pools have an Aqualux pool interior, and it’s the only choice for a high-quality Albatross Pool. Take a look overseas and you’ll see it clearly in focus when you see it in the creation of the biggest pool in the world, the Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile which features an Aqualux PVC membrane in a billion dollar construction. Roll back one year, and you’ll discover that a number of amazing pools with vinyl pool interiors made it into Vogue Living Australia’s Top 16 Luxury Hotel pools.

    Crystal Lagoon
    Crystal Lagoon

    There are a number of great benefits about an Aqualux pool interior. Firstly, it’s a satin smooth non-slip interior. It means that it will not snag swim wear of graze soft skin like other pool interiors. It’s absolutely ideal for babies children and the elderly. With an Aqualux pool interior, there’s virtually no routine maintenance. It’s also a non reactive pool interior that has no effect on water balance and doesn’t need all that labour intensive stuff of being brushed daily for the first four weeks like some other pool interiors.

    An Aqualux pool interior is extremely tough and is of a non–porous material. That means that it won’t chip, peel, crack, separate, leech chemicals or blister. And because of UV inhibitors, it works as an anti bacterial agent making it naturally immune to black spot algae, unlike some other pool interiors. Aqualux pool interiors are incredibly strong. They can stretch over 200% before breaking compared to other pool interiors that can only stretch to 4% before breaking.

    When it comes to durability and thickness, an Aqualux pool interior is a real winner; it’s equivalent to 15 plus layers of pool paint! And unlike some other pool interiors, it doesn’t present colour consistency challenges. Talking of colours there’s a terrific range to choose from. It’s available in 13 plus colours. An Aqalux pool interior has one the best warranties on offer. And it’s not 2 years, or 5 to 8. It’s a 10 year warranty. You simply can’t beat that for a guarantee.

    If you want to know more about the Aqualux PVC membrane story, all you have to do is talk to a member of the Albatross Pool team. They’ll point out all the benefits and tell you why it’s the perfect interior for any pool.

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