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    How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

    Interested in having a swimming pool built on your property? If so, then you may be wondering how long it will be before you can begin enjoying your new pool. This can vary greatly depending not only on the builder you choose, but the pool type and other factors as well. Still, if you want to get a general idea of what to expect from your pool building project, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind.

    How Long Does it Take to Build a Pool?

    Choose Wisely

    A pool represents a large financial investment and will be a part of your family for many years, therefore it’s imperative that you take the time to research every aspect of your chosen builder and design before you commit. Visit the display centres (if they have one – it can be a warning sign if they don’t!) of your preferred companies and ask about their history. Next, arrange for up to three preferred pool builders to visit your property to conduct an obligation free site inspection. After carefully considering all quotations and your feelings on which pool builder suits your needs, select your pool builder. At this stage you will sit with your builder to custom design your individual pool along with preferred options and features such as lighting, sanitation, interior colour, pool heating, and pool cover if required.

    Obtaining a Pool Building Permit

    The next step of the process is to review and sign the SPASA swimming pool project contract and pay the deposit before submitting an application for a pool building permit. This will be handled by your builder, and will involve submission to the surveyor for approval. In some cases, engineering drawings will also need to be created and attached to the application.

    In most cases, pool building permit applications are processed within two to four weeks. Sometimes, additional information or permits may be needed, so this can create more delays. Either way, your builder will keep you informed and will send you a copy of the building permit when it is obtained.

    Deciding on a Start Date

    Next, it's time to work out an official start date with your pool builder. This timeframe is generally anywhere between four to six weeks after approvals, such as pool building permits, are received, as there are a number of additional steps that need to be completed before ground can be broken. This includes:

    • securing a licensed electrician to run wiring for any pool lighting
    • finding a licensed plumber to connect sewage lines, filters, and other mechanics
    • hiring a landscaper and pool fencer, if needed
    • obtaining an Asset Protection Permit

    Completion Times by Pool Type

    The time between when ground is broken and when your pool is complete can vary greatly based on the specific type of pool you select. For example, pre-engineered swimming pools and fiberglass pools tend to be among the fastest to install, with average times ranging between five to seven days. A concrete in-ground pool will take quite a bit longer, with averages ranging between three to four months.

    Pre-engineered Swimming PoolsConcrete Swimming Pools 

    Fibreglass Swimming Pools


    Custom fabricated pool panels are installed (typically no longer than a day)Pool structure is formed (steel reinforcing cage)


    Depending on the size of the pool and degree of complexity this stage may take 1-5 days.


    The base is set (100% accuracy is critical)


    Concrete floor and backfill is poured (typically no longer than a day)Pool structure is internally plumbed prior to concrete placement


    1-2 days depending on the site and complexity.

    Truck delivers the pool shell and a crane lifts it off the back of the truck and cranes it over the property (if necessary) and is lowered into the pool hole. With the latest spa crane accident in Altona  possible regulation changes may impact the acceptable weather conditions a crane can be used - this may delay the project.


    Pool shell is levelled and pool shell is backfilled.


    Simultaneously, the fibreglass shell will be filled with pool water.


    The temporary pool fencing is installed simultaneously as the pool is being filled. Building surveyor inspects the temporary fence prior to the pool shell being filled. This temporary fence will need to be inspected every 30 days until the permanent pool fence is installed.


    Fiberglass pool shell is plumbed.


    Concrete beam also known as a ring beam is installed to hold the pool shell down and in place. Depending on the design of the fiberglass pool shell, this beam (when in steel form prior to the concrete being poured) will be inspected by a Building Surveyor.


    This will take 1-3 days.



    Pool is plumbed (typically less than a day)Pool structure (steel) is inspected by the appropriate building surveyor.



    Landscaper then builds/installs pool surrounds (time will be dependent on size of area, complexity of project and weather)
    Pool surrounds are backfilled (typically less than a day)Concrete shell is sprayed.


    (typically a day)

    Pool Fencer removes temporary fencing and installs the pool barrier (time will be dependent on size of area and complexity)
    Landscaper then builds/installs pool surrounds (time will be dependent on size of area, complexity of project and weather)Concrete Cures


    A minimum of 28 days is required.



    Building Surveyor Inspects Pool Barrier
    Pool Fencer installs the pool barrier (time will be dependent on size of area and complexity)Landscaper then builds/installs pool surrounds (time will be dependent on size of area, complexity of project and weather)


    Pool is Handed Over (couple of hours)
    Surveyor Inspects Pool BarrierPool interior installed


    Depending on interior chosen and the pool size, this could take from a day to weeks if not longer for a fully tilled pool.

    Family is swimming
    Pool Shell is prepared and PVC Membrane is vacuumed sealed in and pool is filled (typically a day)Pool Fencer installs the pool barrier (time will be dependent on size of area and complexity)
    Pool is Handed Over (couple of hours)Surveyor Inspects Pool Barrier
    Family is swimming!Concrete Pool Shell is filled with water


    Pool is Handed Over (couple of hours)
    Family is swimming!
    TOTAL 5-7 days

    Excluding landscaping and fencing - this can add 2-4 weeks to a project.

    TOTAL 3-4 monthsTOTAL 5-7 days

    Excluding landscaping and fencing - this can add 2-4 weeks to a project.

    Other Important Factors

    Of course, some factors may be out of your builder's control when it comes to installing a pool, and may add more time to your project timeline. Weather is perhaps the biggest cause of pool construction delays, as clear weather is generally required for most of the installation work (this is especially true for concrete-poured pools). Another potential hold-up with your pool construction could be a lack of timely payment on your behalf; be sure to keep an eye on the payment schedule featured in your contract. Making payments on-time will help to prevent any delays in your pool construction.

    Finally, Council Requirements can also create roadblocks in pool construction. Fortunately, if you have a knowledgeable and experienced builder, these kinds of issues can usually be avoided.

    As you can see, the amount of time it takes to build a pool can vary greatly, and there are many steps involved in the process. Albatross Pools specialises in efficient and timely construction of in-ground pools for your home, and our Aqualux PVC membrane pool is satin smooth and extremely kid-friendly! Contact us today to find out more about how we can turn your dreams of pool ownership into reality!

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