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  • Lap Pools

    Are you researching your new lap pool project? Albatross Pools specialise in custom built award winning pools across Melbourne and regional Victoria. The pre-engineered steel swimming pool system can achieve virtually any pool design. From traditional lap lanes to a lap pool with a contemporary twist, the pool design can be tailored to any shape and size to suit the space available and your desired family lifestyle.

    What, exactly, is a lap pool?

    Traditionally, a lap pool is long enough for the swimmer to comfortably achieve a considerable number of strokes per lap and deep enough to easily complete a tumble turn at each end of the pool. The ideal length will be guided by the level of fitness of the swimmer – a squad swimmer or a competitive athlete may become frustrated in a pool 10 metres long verses someone who simply likes to jump in every now and then and swim laps to maintain some level of fitness.

    Rapid Installation

    An Albatross lap pool can be structurally built and ready for landscaping within 7 days. Other forms of construction typically exceed a 6 week period, even in ideal conditions, often as a result of concrete curing and labour intensive pool interiors. Watch a short clip on how an Albatross pre-engineered steel swimming pool is built.

    Economical Option

    An Albatross pool is one of the most economical options in the Lap Pool market for a number of reasons.

    1. Simplicity – the sheer simplicity of procedures requires a small coordinated company crew on site for a short period of time.
    2. Durability – the complete lap pool is immensely strong and stable, which can be installed in all ground conditions including filled and unstable sites. Other more rigid structures are not suitable and incur additional engineering costs to achieve proper installation.
    3. Strength – it can be positioned up to 700mm above natural ground level without attracting additional costs for boxing up around the pool structure.
    4. Manufacturer – the zinc enriched steel walls are designed and manufactured utilising clinch-lock technology in a controlled facility owned and operated by Albatross Pools. The additional margins often associated with franchisors, distributors and sub-contractors play no part in the cost of an Albatross pool.

    To organise an obligation free quotation, contact Albatross Pools or visit the fully landscaped swimming pool display centres open 7 days a week.

    Lap pool in Ballarat East by Albatross Pools
    Lap pool in Ballarat East designed and built by Albatross Pools

    Lap Pool Dimensions

    In the past Albatross Pools has built full size Olympic pools as well as considerably long residential lap pools over 20 meters in length. However, as block sizes become smaller and homes occupy a greater amount of space, the average length has gradually become shorter over the years. If a client desires a pool for fitness reasons, the average typically ranges from 12 metres to 16 metres long and 2 metres to 3 metres wide.

    If, however, the client desires a pool for aesthetic reasons and is limited by space and potentially budget, the average lap pool ranges from 5 metres to 6 metres long by 2 metres wide. Whilst small in size and potentially difficult to do laps in, an independent swim jet system can be included at one end of the pool to create enough resistance to do laps up against. Many in the industry also refer to this pool size as a lap pool for aesthetic reasons.

    Lap Pool Design

    For a more traditional lap pool design, many clients choose to stay true to the look of a lap lane. To ensure the swim area is not obstructed, considerable thought needs to be given to the pool entry point and the design of pool steps and bench seats. If the preference is to keep the swim area completely obstruction free, an external pool entry area can be incorporated into the pool design. Due to the flexibility in design, it can be completely tailored to suit the space available and desired family lifestyle.

    To organise an obligation free quotation, contact Albatross Pools or visit the fully landscaped swimming pool display centres open 7 days a week.

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