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  • The Albatross Pool Interior

    Satin smooth, non-abrasive, non-slip swimming pool interior

    The pool interior of an Albatross swimming pool is an Aqualux swimming pool interior. Popular in both Australia and overseas, Aqualux is a commercial membrane constructed from 0.75mm virgin vinyl. The vinyl interior is the pool finish of choice in an estimated 20,000 plus inground pools across Australia and features in the biggest pool in the world - The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort, Chile. A number of stunning pools with vinyl pool interiors have recently made it into Vogue Living Australia's Top 16 Luxury Hotel Pools for 2014.

    Key Benefits of Aqualux

    1. Satin smooth non-slip pool interior – will not snag swim wear or graze soft skin (babies, children and the elderly) like other pool interiors
    2. Virtually no routine maintenance – non reactive pool interior that has no affect on water balance and does not need to be brushed daily for the first four weeks like some other pool interiors
    3. Extremely tough non-porous pool interior – will not chip, peel, crack, separate, leech chemicals or blister
    4. UV inhibitors and anti bacterial agent – naturally immune to ‘black spot’ algae unlike some other pool interiors
    5. Unbelievably strong pool interior – can stretch over 200% before breaking compared to some other pool interiors only stretching to 4% before breaking
    6. Durable and thick – equivalent to 15 plus layers of pool paint
    7. Colour consistency – the pool interior does not present colour consistency challenges like some other pool interiors
    8. Multitude of pool colours – available in 13 plus pool interior colours
    9. 10 year pool interior warranty – one of the longest warranties offered on a pool interior compared to some others, especially those viewed as more ‘permanent’ interiors such as tile (often only 2 years) and render (ranges from 5-8 years dependent on the brand)
    10. Purpose design pool interior - Aqualux is the only pool interior available which has been specifically designed and engineered for swimming pools

    The added benefits of an Aqualux pool interior compared to other swimming pool surfaces can be viewed in the table below.

    Smooth to touchTickTickTick
    Easily cleanedTickEasily stainedAlgae can adhere to groutCan get ‘black spot’Algae can adhere
    to porous surface
    & can be easily stained
    Won’t crack peel, flake or leachTickUnstable pH
    causes calcium
    to leach
    No effect on pool water chemistryTickTickAffected by the groutpH usually more acidicAffected by
    calcium in the render
    10 year warrantyTickTickDependent on brand of poolDependent on
    brand of pool
    UV treatedTickTickTickDependent on
    brand of pool
    Resistant to algaeTick

    Inbuilt fungicide

    Large range of coloursTick

    Patterns available

    Cushioning step/seat optionsTick

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