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  • Plunge Pools

    Outdoor living is synonymous with the Australian lifestyle but as block sizes become smaller and the family home is occupies a greater amount of space, there is very little room remaining for a conventional swimming pool. Many people believe they are unable to build a swimming pool, as they simply don’t have the room. Due to the flexibility in design of a pre-engineered steel pool, Albatross Pools can custom design a plunge pool to make the most of the limited area you have available.

    Custom Design Small Pools

    A plunge pool is a custom-designed swimming pool engineered to fit seamlessly into the confines of a limited outdoor space. With considered holistic approach, a plunge pool can be a pleasing aesthetic addition to your garden creating a tranquil and serene feature, or a plunge pool can also be a point of entertainment providing a fun place for escape and relaxation for your family and friends. Best of all, due to the compact nature of the a plunge pool, they are extremely easy and low cost to maintain and heat year round.

    Top Five Benefits of a Plunge Pool Design:

    1. Small plunge pools are ideally suited to maximise the limited area available in small spaces, i.e. courtyards, small backyards or front yards, side of the home
    2. Containing up to 20,000L worth of water (compared to a standard average pool containing 45,000L), a small plunge pool is cost effective to operate (power and chemical consumption) compared to standard pool running costs
    3. Alternate heating options (including gas pool heating and electric pool heating) are cost effective to run year round on a small plunge pool, delivering year-round use and the best value from your investment
    4. Featuring a smaller surface area than a traditional sized pool, a small plunge pool is low maintenance
    5. Small pools offer increased multifunctional options beyond simply being a place to plunge into on a hot summer’s day. Depending on the enhancement options, a plunge pool can be a spa in winter, a place for year round fitness, provide hydrotherapy (with the assistance of Swim Jets or even a harness for the more budget conscious) or even a stunning illuminated water feature when not in use

    Plunge Pool Sizes

    A plunge pool is typically any small pool up to 5 metres long and 3 metres wide. Similarly to the design, the dimensions will be determined by the small space available. Depending on the client brief, a pool smaller than 3 metres long and 1.5 metres wide can become impractical from a usability point of view.

    Plunge Pool Design

    The design of a plunge pool will be determined by the space available. In most cases the proposed plunge pool area won’t be a uniform shape whereby a square, rectangular or circular pool would suit. If the proposed plunge pools area is triangular in nature, a triangle plunge pool may be worth considering and is definitely achievable with the Albatross pool system. Or, if the proposed plunge pools area incorporates a boundary fence, perhaps one side of the pool could be straight whilst the others are curved to some degree resembling a b-shape plunge pool, a semi circular plunge pool or perhaps something completely freeform. The plunge pool design is virtually limitless with an Albatross swimming pool.

    Whether it is a small unusual space or extremely limited access, Albatross Pools specialise in custom designed plunge pools to suit the site conditions and desired lifestyle.

    To organise an obligation free quote,  contact Albatross Pools. Alternatively, the Albatross Pools Display Centres are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Featuring 11 pools on display across the two locations, The Classique Courtyard Series pool is show cased at both locations measuring 5.0m in length and 2.5m in width – although The Classique is rectangular in shape, it will allow you to invisage a plunge pool of this size in your own outdoor space!

    * Please note, the Display Centres are closed public holidays. The Dandenong Display Centre is also currently closed every Tuesday and Wednesday.


    What is a plunge pool?

    A plunge pool is a small custom pool designed to maximise the limited area available in small outdoor space. Usually used to simply cool off, a plunge pool typically contains no more than 20,000L, that’s less than half the size of an average Australian pool containing 45,000L. Due to the small pool design, plunge pools are cost effective to operate and can deliver year round use providing the best value for money.

    How deep is a plunge pool?

    A plunge pool is usually 1.1m in the shallows and 1.7m at the deepest point (water depth measurements).

    What is the smallest size plunge pool?

    The smallest sized plunge pool its a rectangular plunge pool design measuring 4.0m by 2.0m. Plunge pools can also be circular in design with the smallest being 2.5m in diameter.

    Can you swim in a plunge pool?

    Yes you can swim in a plunge pool providing it is at least 5.0m in length. 5.0m is long enough to allow the swimmer to stretch full length (arms out in front), stroke easily and kick without splash out of water at the end of the pool. If budget allows, the inclusion of a Swim Jet System will allow you to swim stationary against a current however, these systems are not necessarily visually appealing and can be noisy and expensive to operate. Plus, it can take some time to become accustomed to swimming against powerful jets of water. The alternative is a harness which allows you to swim stationary without the noise or operating costs. Usually ranging from $50-$200, a harness is an economical way to swim in a plunge pool – 5.0m in length is still required.

    Can you heat a plunge pool?

    Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of a plunge pool design is they usually hold no more than 20,000L (compared to 45,000L for an average pool) and if fitted with a pool blanket, can be heated cost effectively year round. Like all pools, a plunge pool still needs to be tested and balanced every 4-6 weeks and if a cover is featured, must be aerated when chemicals are applied and at least once a week for 24-48 hours.

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