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    Pre-engineered Inground Swimming Pool Design

    Albatross Pools specialise in the design, manufacture and construction of pre-engineered inground swimming pools tailored to the client’s specifications, which are assembled and installed on site.

    Quite different to concrete pools and fibreglass pools, the Albatross pool design is constructed from the highest grade of Zinc enriched BlueScope Australian steel panels, which are assembled together and interlocked in place with a concrete beam and floor. A sanitised commercial grade Aqualux PVC Membrane is vacuum-sealed into the pool shell resulting in a durable satin smooth non-slip pool interior.

    How is the Albatross pool design built?

    Please note: the soil conditions of the property featured in the clip above required the addition of reinforcement in the pool floor. Reinforcement in the pool floor is not normally required in an Albatross pool.

    Benefits of the Albatross pool design

    Introduced by Albatross Pools over fifty years ago, the innovative pre-engineered pool design originated in Canada and the United States of America in 1948, where currently 85% of pools are pre-engineered. The pre-engineered pool design is now the World’s biggest selling pool and here are some of the reasons why!

    Custom Pool Design Flexibility

    • Your pool will be fabricated to suit your outdoor space and lifestyle - achieving virtually any shape and size from plunge pools to lap pools
    • The pool entry steps, benches, swim outs and wading area (perfect for young children) can be tailored to suit your requirements
    • You have multiple options when designing the pool depths and pool floor profile
    • Well suited to difficult sites with poor access, sloping land and volatile soil conditions

    Built Fast. Built to Last.

    • Your pool will be built within 5-10 days, ready for landscaping and fencing
    • Your pool will be manufactured from the highest grade zinc enriched steel which has a proven track record spanning over 50 years in pool construction globally
    • Albatross Pools will be the manufacturer and builder of your new swimming pool – there will be no split warranty (between the manufacturer and the pool installer)
    • Backed by a 10 year structural warranty and a 12 year pool interior warranty – offered by a long established company who has specialised in building pools for families since 1969
    • The very first Albatross Pools built back in 1969 are still operational and on display ready for you to jump into at the Warrandyte Display Centre – these are the oldest display pools in Australia!

    The Aqualux Pool Finish

    • You will experience a satin smooth non-abrasive commercial grade pvc membrane in your Albatross pool – it will not snag your swim wear or graze soft water-logged skin
    • Your pool will feature the only pool interior available which has been specifically designed and engineered for swimming pools
    • From the moment you step into your pool, you will experience the satin smooth texturised Aqualux pvc membrane - your entire pool will be non-slip!
    • Virtually maintenance free, your pool interior will be non-porous, meaning it will not chip, peel, crack, separate, leech chemicals or blister
    • Thicker than 15 layers of pool paint, the Aqualux pool interior can stretch over 200% before breaking compared to some other pool interiors only stretching to 4% before breaking
    • Choose from over 14 Aqualux pool colours, from resort-style tile effects, Mediterranean greens through to classic ocean blues with metallic flecks creating a stunning shimmer on a summer’s day!

    Is the Pre-engineered Pool Design a new concept?

    Not at all! Whilst today’s pool design is constantly being updated, the basic steel wall concept has been widely used around the world since 1948.

    The pre-engineered swimming pool design concept was developed in North America as a durable alternative to the concrete swimming pool construction method, which was being ravaged due to freezing ground conditions. Whilst freezing is rarely a problem in Australia, many areas in Melbourne and throughout Victoria still experience constant ground movement and soil volatility especially in today’s climate.

    The pre-engineered pool design continues to be widely accepted around the world and is in fact the building method of choice throughout Canada, USA, the Caribbean, England, Europe and the Middle East – in fact some of the biggest and most talked about pools around the world are in fact pre-engineered pools with a pvc membrane!

    The Smart Alternative

    An Albatross pool will allow you to achieve the design flexibility of concrete pool but with the installation speed of a fibreglass pool. Building a pool is one of the best decisions you could ever make for your family and lifestyle. Be sure to consider all pool design options before you build your dream pool and even take an Albatross pool for a test drive. 

    Visit an Albatross Pools fully landscaped swimming pool display centre open seven days a week year round (please note, the Dandenong Display Centre is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday at the moment), be inspired and browse recent state and national MPBAA (Master Pool Builders Association Australia, formerly SPASA Victoria) and SPASA Australia Award Winning pool projects on the Pool Gallery or contact Albatross Pools to organise an obligation free swimming pool quote.


    How to design a swimming pool?

    When planning a new pool project, it is important to design a swimming pool with the following key areas taken into consideration:

    1. What proportion of the total outdoor space is to be dedicated to the new pool zone?
    2. What are the property restrictions (easements, overlays, soil profile and regulations) to take into account?
    3. What is the total budget available for the pool project?
    4. What lifestyle would you like to achieve by investing in a swimming pool for your family?
      For example, you want to swim laps everyday or you may want to entertain year round.
    Can I change the pool design after it’s confirmed?

    An Albatross swimming pool is custom designed and fabricated for each project. The pool permit application and all project documentation is based on the pool’s specific design and measurements. If you would like to change the design of your swimming pool after the contract has been signed and the pool permit application has been submitted, the is a flow on affect with the entire project.

    Where are your pool display centres located?

    Visiting a swimming pool display centre is a great place to start when planning a pool project. Albatross Pools has two display centres, one is located in Dandenong just minutes from the Stud Road Exit on the Monash Freeway. The other display centre is located in Warrandyte, five minutes from the Springvale Road Exit on the Eastern Freeway.

    What are the advantages of albatross pool designs?

    The Albatross pool design provides custom design flexibility, every pool is custom fabricated to suit a client’s outdoor space and lifestyle – achieving virtually any shape and size from plunge pools and lap pools to beautiful tranquil lagoon pools. The pool entry and pool floor design is also customisable to suit all ages, physical ability and lifestyle requirements.

    As pool components are fabricated offsite and assembled on site, the Albatross pool design is ideal for challenging and limited access sites across Melbourne, Victoria.

    Engineered for volatile soil conditions, the Albatross pool design is self supporting, meaning it is suitable for elevated pool projects.

    Can bet built within 5-10 days, an Albatross pool design has the installation speed of a fibreglass pool but with the design flexibility of a concrete pool.

    Completely assembled onsite, the Albatross Pool design does not need a crane, saving the client thousands!

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    Not sure which pool is right for you?

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