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  • Family Pools

    Think back for a moment about all of the fond memories you have from your childhood growing up. Afternoons spent with some of those closest to you - friends, siblings, parents and other loved ones. In addition to the people you're with, how many of those memories also feature the family swimming pool?

    Is there anything better than spending time outdoors, having the time of your life during the hot summer months of the year around the family pool? At Albatross Pools we're out to prove that these types of memories are not limited exclusively to your childhood. You can start having them again right now with an Albatross Pool.

    The Albatross Pools Approach

    Entirely family owned and operated, Albatross Pools has been helping people just like you create these and other wonderful memories since way back in 1969. We specialise in SPASA Award Winning, in-ground steel pools that are tailored not only to deliver an optimum swimming experience, but also a pool built from the ground up to suit both your available outdoor space and the lifestyle your family prefers to lead. Browse award winning family pool projects in the Pool Gallery.

    Fully Customised Family Pools Available Now

    In addition to the aesthetic considerations of a swimming pool, there are a number of ways you can customise your Albatross pool to suit the growing needs of your family.

    • Wading Areas: Large wading areas are perfect for small children, for example, as they offer large areas of shallow water that are great for younger swimmers to build their confidence and enjoy the water.

      Hidden Valley Pool Project featuring an oversized (and very appealing) wading area for small children to enjoy.

    • Swim-Outs: external to the swimming area of your swimming pool, a swim-out is an ideal spot to sit and relax often appealing to teenage children or adults alike. A swim-out can also be a functioning area of your pool with the addition of spa jets (small jets located on the swim-out wall that can create a spa-type-effect with water movement).

      Blackburn Pool Project featuring a swim-out complete with spa jets.

      Rowville Pool Project featuring a swim-out complete with spa jets and customised water feature.

    • Step Design: cater for all generations or even those with an old sports injury with a pool entry step design to suit everyone’s physical abilities.

      Hoppers Crossing Pool Project – customised pool entry design featuring two steps and a large bench.

    • Pool Floor Profile: customise the pool floor profile to suit both your needs and requirements. The deep end of the pool can go in the middle, for example, which is great for kids who like to run up and dive into the pool in the safest possible way. The deep area in the middle is also perfect for families who like to play sports in the water, each child (or adult) can stand at either end of the pool and play volleyball for example with absolute ease. Or you may choose to have a single depth the entire length of the pool either for safety or physiotherapy reasons.

      Ringwood North Pool Project - great example of a customised floor profile with the deep end in the middle of the pool.

    • Customised Pool Design: customise your pool shape to meet your design goals and to take advantage of the available space on your property. Kids love pools with curves, for example, as they look like a lagoon and they're tons of fun!

      Niddrie Pool Project complete with a wave type design along one side of the pool.

    • Sensitive Skin/Allergy Solutions: for those with sensitive skin or allergies you may choose to customise your sanitisation system on your family pool and opt for an Ionic Fresh Water System. Gentle on the skin, eyes and hair, an ionic pool doesn’t have a smell or taste – no need to have a shower after a dip in the pool! The majority of Albatross Pools Display Pools are Ionic and can be a revelation to those who have only ever experienced chlorinated or saltwater systems.
    • Child Friendly Pool Interior: young children’s’ skin becomes waterlogged very quickly and can become prone to grazing very quickly if the pool has pebble (even fine pebble) or concrete pool interior. This is not a concern in an Albatross pool featuring Aqualux, a satin-smooth kid-friendly pool interior.
    Want To Try Before You Buy?

    Want to experience an Albatross Pool for yourself? Why not bring your family to one of our Award Winning display centres where you can suit up and go for a swim! You wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, so why not put one of our pools through its paces? Contact us for a swim-in demonstration and see how easy it is to start building your dream family pool.

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