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  • The Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

    Incorporating physical activity into your daily life is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing, but finding the time isn't always easy. Not to mention, not everybody enjoys a sweat-drenched session at the gym. Fortunately, if you own a swimming pool, whether that’s a family pool or a lap pool, you can enjoy a number of health benefits with a daily swim.

    The Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

    Enjoy Low-Impact Cardio

    Unlike other forms of exercise that place a great deal of weight and strain on your body's joints, swimming is an extremely low-impact exercise that allows you to burn calories and get your heart pumping without aggravating joint problems in the process. This makes it a great workout solution for those with certain forms of arthritis, knee pain, and other injuries or medical conditions. Plus, swimming is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise that's great for your heart health and burning calories.

    Achieve a Total-Body Workout

    Swimming is also one of few forms of exercise that actually targets all the major muscle groups in your body. Consider, for example, a workout on an elliptical machine, which mostly targets the leg muscles (but also requires the core to be engaged). While you're swimming, you're using your legs to kick, your core to stay afloat, and your arms to paddle. In this sense, you're achieving a total-body workout that will help you tone down and shape up faster than many other forms of exercise that only target certain muscle groups at a time.

    Improve Your Core Strength

    Speaking of your core, there is perhaps no better way to train and strengthen your core than with regular swimming. While you're in the water, your core is constantly being used to keep yourself balanced and afloat—even though you won't likely notice it. If you've been looking for a way to train your core and ab muscles that doesn't involve endless sit-ups or crunches, here's your answer.

    Give Your Back a Break

    Do you spend a lot of your day hunched over a computer desk or even standing for long periods of time without adequate foot arch support? If so, then your spine could probably use a break. Spending even just a little bit of time in your swimming pool each day can help to take a lot of the stress of daily life off your back, which can help to relieve pain and discomfort as well as reduce your chances of developing a spinal condition.

    A Small Space Goes a Long Way

    While the thought of swimming endless laps in a giant family pool or lap pool is fantastic, the practicalities of such a large pool may not suit all homes. It is a common misconception that to utilise your pool for recreational swimming you need a large pool, but that is no longer the case. Trainers suggest a minimum of five metres to do laps in a stationary position, which is the combination of outstretched body, arms, and the splash from kicking. A healthy swimming regimen can be conducted in The Classique Courtyard Series pool when combined with a swim harness. A quality harness will only set you back around $100 and offers the ability to swim laps in a circular pool or a smaller Courtyard Series pool with the added benefit of resistance options for serious swimmers. A smaller pool is ideal for today’s restricted block sizes and has the bonus of being cheaper and quicker to heat.

    These are just a few of the primary health benefits of going swimming in your backyard pool. And on top of all these benefits, swimming is one form of exercise that most people agree is actually enjoyable. Interested in finding out more about the benefits of swimming pool ownership? Contact Albatross Pools today. With 48 years of pool building experience and more than 15,000 pools designed and built, we can help you find the pool design that's ideal for your needs so you can start enjoying the health benefits swimming has to offer.

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