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  • The Marina Bay Sands Pool: Cool!

    How would you like to own a pool that’s constructed from virtually the same materials as the “boat” pool atop the Marina Bay Sands, described by McLeans, a popular Canadian magazine, as The World's Most Incredible Hotel Pool? Work with Albatross, and you can.

    The Marina Bay Sands and the “Boat” Infinity Pool

    The Marina Bay Sands is a massive new luxury Hotel in Singapore, located on the waterfront. It features three split towers and a boat-shaped roof that spans between them, 55 stories up. The boat-roof contains a park, and the park contains an infinity pool that appears to merge with the city’s skyline at the edges. It is three times the length of an Olympic-sized pool and it’s the largest rooftop pool of its type in existence. It’s a truly stunning achievement, at the cutting edge of design and technology.

    Marina Bay Sands
    Marina Bay Sands

    When it opened in 2010, the Marina Bay Sands was the most expensive hotel in the world. In addition to its rooftop infinity pool, it has a lotus-shaped museum, one of the best malls in Asia, an indoor canal, a casino, a theatre and a crystal pavilion. It’s got more than 2,500 rooms, and it will cost you $500 to stay there for a single night. Only hotel guests get to use the rooftop infinity pool.

    Rooftop Infinity Pool
    Rooftop Infinity Pool

    Your house probably has between two and four bedrooms and you don’t pay any extra money at all to sleep there every night, yet you could have a steel-framed pool similar to the one on The Boat atop the Marina Bay Sands in your very own backyard.

    Why Steel Framing?

    The Marina Bay Sands is one of the best funded, best designed new buildings in the world today. Why did the design team choose a steel pool? The advantages a steel-framed pool are the same for the Marina Bay Sands as they are for our customers.

    Stainless Steel Framed Pool
    Steel Framed Pool

    A steel pool fits into any landscape or architectural plan; it can be virtually any shape or size. A steel-framed pool has lasting structural integrity. You’re probably thinking that an outdoor, rooftop pool on one of the world’s most expensive buildings has got to be top-of-the-line, and you’re right. It has the strength and flexibility needed to last for decades perched on top three swaying skyscrapers and exposed to the elements. A steel pool is quick to build and will fit into any construction schedule, even one that’s simply “ASAP.” Finally, a steel pool is environmentally friendly. It uses fewer materials than other types of pools and it lasts longer.

    Why an Aqualux Membrane?

    While the Marina Bay Sands uses a steel frame similar to ours, it uses a pool interior membrane that’s specially designed to suit its unique location and construction. However, the largest pool in the world was built with a pool material that’s very similar to our Aqualux PVC membrane. Yes, the Chile Crystal Lagoon at the San Alfonso del Mar resort features a type PVC membrane, just like our pools. The pool at the Crystal Lagoon is a kilometre long and covers 20 acres. It opened in 1987 and still looks almost new. Aqualux is a material that’s beautiful, practical and durable.

    Crystal Lagoon
    Crystal Lagoon

    Isn’t it great that you can buy the same type of pool that’s found on a much larger scale in the world’s most luxurious resorts? The quality of our steel-framed, Aqualux-lined pools is second to none.

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