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    From swimming pool manufacturing through to pool water treatment, the Van Der Haar family has been heavily involved in every facet of the swimming pool industry in Melbourne since 1959. It was with this extensive background of experience that Albatross Pools was established 1969.  Starting off with a display swimming pool in the backyard of the family home in Melbourne, the company has since evolved into Australia’s leading edge innovator and builder of pre-engineered award winning in ground pools.

    A Small Pool For Your Garden Paradise

    Not everyone dreams of filling their entire back yard with a large swimming pool. In fact, not everyone has a big enough yard for a huge pool. If you dream of lush vegetation and bricked pathways rather than a large expanse of water, you can still have a steel pool. Because they can be built
    Read More…

    The Marina Bay Sands Pool: Cool!

    How would you like to own a pool that’s constructed from virtually the same materials as the “boat” pool atop the Marina Bay Sands, described by McLeans, a popular Canadian magazine, as The World’s Most Incredible Hotel Pool? Work with Albatross, and you can. The Marina Bay Sands and the “Boat” Infinity Pool The Marina
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    Does a pool add value to a house?

    It comes as no surprise that ‘pool’ is the number one search term being used by buyers on when refining their search criteria (Herald Sun, August 17 2013).  Gone is the day of the humble backyard, many now consider this space as an outdoor room complete with kitchen and swimming pool.  The luxuries of
    Read More…

    Water Features for Pools

    A pool is a substantial investment, and it should enhance your property not just functionally, but aesthetically. A well-chosen water feature can make the difference between a plain, utilitarian swimming pool and a pool that will make you feel as if you’re immersed in beauty and opulence. If you’re saving money by selecting a pre-engineered
    Read More…

    Pool Heating Options

    If you’re thinking about having a pool installed, then you should also be thinking about whether or not to heat it. Pools can add so much to your family time and they’re great for entertaining, too. However, especially in Victoria, there’s a large portion of the year when it’s too cold to swim in an
    Read More…

    Is a Concrete Pool Right For You?

    If you’re thinking about installing a pool on your property, then one of the first things you’ll want to decide is whether to pour a custom-designed concrete pool, purchase a prefabricated fibreglass pool or choose a pre-engineered pool. Since concrete pools were the most common choice in Australia for many years and are still popular
    Read More…

    Small Pools for Entertaining

    As new communities become higher density and lot sizes shrink, we’re seeing more demand for small pools. When we work with our clients to design a small pool, we talk to them about how they’re going to use it. Will they use it mostly for exercise like water aerobics or lap swimming, or will it
    Read More…

    Small Pools for Exercise

    In today’s housing market, there is an increasing awareness of the value of higher urban density in creating liveable, walkable neighbourhoods. While living in less space per person can bring us closer together as communities, it does limit our options when it comes to the outdoor amenities we can build on our properties. At Albatross
    Read More…

    What’s popular in pool design?

    Similar to the styling of your home, your chosen pool design should be an expression of who you are and the desired lifestyle you seek to create for your family.  When visiting clients’ properties some 20, 30 or even 40 years down the track, the most aesthetically pleasing and timeless backyards are those which feature
    Read More…

    What is a pre-engineered pool?

    When we speak with families in the pool display centres a question we often get asked is are these concrete pools or fibreglass pools? To their surprise we tell them neither, they are pre-engineered pools.

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