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  • Water Features for Pools

    A pool is a substantial investment, and it should enhance your property not just functionally, but aesthetically. A well-chosen water feature can make the difference between a plain, utilitarian swimming pool and a pool that will make you feel as if you’re immersed in beauty and opulence. If you’re saving money by selecting a pre-engineered pool, then perhaps you can afford to invest some of the savings into making the pool truly spectacular.

    Here four ideas for water features and the approximate amount that each might add to the cost of your pool:

    1. A Water Curtain

    $1,500 to $3,000
    Add a water curtain, such as a cascade or silk flow waterfall from AstralPool, to your swimming pool. Not only do water curtains look lovely and add fun to your pool, they also help to lower the temperature of your entire yard through evaporative cooling. When water falls through the air, some of it evaporates and when water changes from a liquid to a gas, it absorbs heat. That’s why a water curtain is just as functional as it is beautiful.

    Also, exclusive to Albatross Pools is our Cascade Water Curtain as part of our Courtyard Series.

    2. Deck Jets

    $1,800 to $2,500 / set of four
    Deck jets are a fountain feature that shoots water from your deck or paving, through the air and into your pool. Like water curtains, deck jets cool the air around the pool and can add an extra element of fun to the set-up. Deck jets are a great feature, but they do need to be carefully maintained so that they don’t become clogged with dirt or leaves.

    3. A Feature Wall or Rockery Wall

    $1,000 and up
    In the context of pool landscaping, a feature wall is a wall beside the pool that’s enhanced with a decorative surface or texture and may also incorporate plants, flowers and water features. A feature wall can help with privacy and even provide security, but it also sets off the pool, visually. A feature wall can include a water curtain or waterfall. One of the most attractive types of feature wall is a rockery wall with water trickling into the pool, much like the type of small waterfall you might see on the side of a mountain. Rockery walls can be designed in many different ways, and they look fantastic when combined with lush foliage. Their only drawback is that they can wash dirt into the pool, so depending on how the feature is detailed, extra filtering may be needed.

    4. Statuary

    $200 and up
    Decorate your pool or the garden around your pool with statues. Choose ornate planters, human figures, animals or even modern sculptures. Bring a classical, creative or artistic look to your pool area. Be an art collector or have a little fun. Some statues are also fountains, and like other water features, they’ll help to cool the air.

    Water Features Pools - Dandenong Pool Centre

    This pool has a rockery wall, a water curtain and deck jets

    Water features can make a huge difference in how your pool is framed in relationship to your home and the landscape. Decks, patios, pavement and landscaping can complete the design. Call or e-mail us to discuss which options would work best with the space you have at hand. Working with water features and landscaping is one of the fun parts of our job at Albatross.

    3 thoughts on “Water Features for Pools

    1. HI Guys
      I am installing a pool in Feb to new home.
      I have a provider to do the install but i want the deck jets and i have looked everywhere to find them and i came across your website with them.
      Would i be able to buy 2 jets from you at all?

      cheers Paul

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